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Time Studies are special powerful upgrades bought with Time Theorems, which are bought with increasing amounts of antimatter, Infinity Points, and Eternity Points.
Resource Base Cost Cost Increase (multiplicative)
Antimatter 1e20000 1e20000
Infinity Points 1 1e100
Eternity Points 1 2

As Eternity Challenges are connected to the tree, some information about them can be found here too.

A study that requires a certain challenge may be purchased once the challenge has been first cleared, without needing to purchase the challenge.

Upon reaching 1e15 dilated time, it is possible to passively generate Time Theorems.

ID Pre-resiquites Description Details Extra Cost (TT) Min Total Cost
s Unlocks a secret achievement This study, and the path to it, is invisible until purchased.

It becomes invisible again when leaving the study page.

While there's a path leading to it from 11, it does not actually require it.

0 0
11 Tickspeed affects First Time Dimension (With reduced effect) min(1/(A0.005*0.95+A0.0003*0.05),1e2500)

where A = tickspeed/1000

This hits the cap at 4.64e-8333334 tickspeed. 1 1
21 11 Replicanti multiplier formula is better (log2(x)^2 -> x^0.032) log2(x)2+x0.032 The increase kicks in at about 1e180 and ends with about a 7000x higher multiplier at 1.8e308. 3 4
33 21 You keep half of your replicanti galaxies on infinity Rounds down 2 6
31 21 Powers up existing upgrades based on infinitied stat (to the power of 4) The 5 infinity upgrades and eternity challenge 10 3 7
41 31 Each galaxy gives a 1.2x multiplier on IP gained. compounding on itself 4 11
22 11 Replicanti interval limit 50ms -> 1ms 2 3
32 22 You gain x() more infinitied stat (based on soft resets) max(s,1)

where s = soft resets

2 5
42 32 Galaxy requirement goes up 52 8ths instead of 60. After galaxies become distant, difference is simply 8 less than normal.

After galaxies become remote,

difference is 8*1.002^(g-800) less than normal.

6 11
e5 42 130 141
62 42 e5 You gain replicanti 3 times faster 3 14
51 41/42 You gain 1e15 times more IP 3 14
61 51 You gain 10x more EP 3 17
71 (normal dims) 61 (-72 -73)/(201 -72/-73) Sacrifice affects all normal dimensions min(x0.25,1e210000) (non-8ths only) This hits the cap at 1e840000 sacrifice bonus.

(shows 1e210,000x)

4 21

(normal dims)

71 Dimensional boost power becomes 10x Does not work during challenge 8. This is better than study 82 when you have less than 1498 soft resets, before EC2 (after EC3, study 82 is generally more powerful). 4 25

(normal dims)

81 Normal dimensions gain a multiplier based on time spent this eternity 10min(eternity time(s),1800)/6 4 29

(normal dims)

91 Replicantis give multiplier to normal dims equal to their amount. 4 33

(infinity dims)

61 (-71 -73)/(201 -71/-73) Sacrifice affects 4th Infinity Dimension min(x0.04,1e30000) This hits the cap at 1e750000 sacrifice bonus.

(shows 1e30000x)

6 6

(infinity dims)

72 Dimensional boosts affect Infinity Dimensions min(1.0000109^(soft resets^2),1e80000) This hits the cap at 130,000 soft resets. 6 29

(infinity dims)

82 Infinity dimensions gain a multiplier based on fastest eternity time 260/max(eternity time(s),2) 5 34

(infinity dims)

92 Replicanti galaxies power replicanti multiplier 5n 6 40

(time dims)

61 (-71 -72)/(201 -71/-72) Sacrifice affects 3rd Time Dimension min(n0.005,1e1300) This hits the cap at 1e260000 sacrifice bonus.

(shows 1e1300x)

5 22

(time dims)

73 Dimensional boosts are 0.04% more effective for each tick upgrade gained from Time Dimensions compounding on itself This is better than study 81 if you have 7.378381e283 time shards (1.311444e222 with study 171). 5 27

(time dims)

83 Time dimensions gain a multiplier based on tick upgrades gained from them n0.25 7 34

(time dims)

93 Time dimensions gain a multiplier equal to replicanti galaxy amount 6 40
111 101/102/103 Make the IP formula better See Breaking Infinity for the IP formula. This increases the OoM of IP gained by about 8%. 12 45
e7 111 115 160


111 -122 -123 The worse your average EP/min is on last ten eternities, the more EP you get. (253-min(max(V/10,3),248))/5

V = average EP/min / the x5 EP mult upgrade's mult

This is better than 35x if V < 780. The multiplier caps at 50x (if V <= 30). The multiplier reaches x1 (the minimum) when V >= 2480.

9 54
e6 121 85 139


121 Automatic replicanti galaxies are disabled, but you can get 50% more This is the best boost in this row. 5 59
141 (active) 131 Multiplier to IP, decaying over this infinity max(1,1e45/15ln(A)*A^0.125)

where A = infinity time in seconds * 10

This is the best multiplier in this row for infinities less than 115 seconds.

This effect caps at 3326 seconds (~55.4 minutes).

4 63
122 (passive) 111 -121 -123 You gain 35x more EP. 9 54
132 (passive) 122 Replicanti galaxies are 40% more effective 5 59
142 (passive) 132 You gain 1e25x more IP This is the best multiplier in this row for infinities between 115 and 272 seconds. 4 63
123 (idle) 111 -121 -122 You gain more EP based on time spent this eternity. (time (s)*1.39)0.5 This is better than 35x if you spend longer than 881 seconds (~14.7 minutes) per eternity. It's the best in this row if your eternity is longer than 2176 seconds (~36.2 minutes). 9 54
e8 123 115 169
133 (idle) 123 Replicantis are 10x slower until infinity, but their galaxies are 50% more effective See Replicanti for slowdown exceptions. Galaxy boost only affects Replicanti Galaxies. 5 59
143 (idle) 133 Multiplier to IP, increasing over this infinity 15ln(A)*A^0.125where A = infinity time in seconds * 10 This is the best multiplier in this row for infinities longer than 272 seconds. 4 63
e4 143 70 133
151 141/142/143 1e4x multiplier on all Time Dimensions This is another 129.2 tickspeed upgrades. (165.1 with study 171) 8 71
e9 151 415 486
161 151 1e616x multiplier on all normal dimensions This is the best boost on this row before EC2. 7 78
162 151 1e11x multiplier on all Infinity Dimensions 7 78
171 161/162 Time shard requirement for the next tickspeed upgrade goes up slower 33% -> 25% (Time Dimensions) This will get you about 28% more tickspeed upgrades from time shards. 15 93
e1 171 30 123
e2 171 35 128
e3 171 40 133
181 171 e1 e2 e3 You gain 1% of your IP gained on crunch each second. IP to be gained on crunch. Note that you still generate IP below Infinity antimatter (how much you would be able to gain on crunch if you could crunch). 200 293
e10 181 550 843
192 181 e10 You can get beyond 1.8e308 replicantis, but the interval is increased the more you have See Replicanti 730 1023
201 192 Pick another path from the first split Allows you to have 2 paths from the first 3 way split.

If you have bought the Time Dilation upgrade "Pick all the study paths from the first split", this can no longer be bought.

900 1923
191 181 e10 After eternity you permanently keep 5% of your infinities You need this study to bank infinities, but you can use banked infinities without it. "Banked infinities" in any context refers to this study's effect. 500 793
211 191 Dimensional boost requirement scaling is reduced by 5 120 913
221 (light) 211 -222 Dimensional boosts affect time dimensions with reduced power. 1.0025(soft resets) 900 1813


211 -221 Dimensional boost costs scale by another 2 less. 900 1813


221/222 -232 Dimensional boosts are more effective based on their amount. (soft resets)0.3 500 2313
212 191 Galaxies are more effective based on your timeshards min(log2(time shards)0.005, 1.1) This hits the cap at 2.575e57167184 time shards. 150 943
223 (dark) 212 -224 Galaxy cost scaling starts 7 galaxies later. This is better than 224 if you have less than 14,000 dimboosts. 900 1843
224 (light) 212 -223 Galaxy cost scaling starts 1 galaxy later for every 2000 dimensional boosts. rounded down This is better than 223 if you have more than 13,999 dimboosts. 900 1843


223/224 -231 Galaxies are more effective based on non-replicated galaxies. (1+galaxies/1000)0.2 500 2343
e11 231/232 71 -201 1 2344
193 181 e10 Normal dimension boost based on eternities min(1.03eternities,1e13000) This caps at 1,012,680 eternities. 300 593
213 193 You gain replicanti 20 times faster 200 793
225 (light) 213 -226 You gain extra RGs based on how high above infinity your replicanti are. floor(log(replicanti)/1000) 900 1693


213 -225 You gain extra RGs based on your max RGs. floor((max RGs)/15)

study 131 does not affect this study.

900 1693


225/226 -234 Max replicanti galaxy cost is reduced based on replicanti amount. /(replicanti)0.3 This effect is about 3e92 at infinity replicanti.. 500 2193
214 193 Sacrifice boosts the 8th dimension even more min(S8,1e46000)*min(S1.1,e125000)

where S = your sacrifice multiplier

This hits the first cap at 1e5750 sacrifice bonus. This hits the second cap at 2.3e113636 sacrifice bonus.

(displays 1e125,000x as the cap)

120 713
227 (dark) 214 -228 Sacrifice affects the 4th Time Dimension with reduced effect. log(sacrifice bonus)10 900 1613
228 (light) 214 -227 Sacrifice scales better. See Dimensional Sacrifice 900 1613


227/228 -233 Sacrifice boosts First Dimension. (sacrifice bonus) 500 2113
e12 233/234 73 -201 1 2121
d1 e11x5 e12x5

13000 total TT

Unlock time dilation When you buy this time study or any of time studies below, it will be permanently bought. 5000 13000
d2 d1 Unlock the 5th Time Dimension 1000000 1013000
d3 d2 Unlock the 6th Time Dimension 10000000 11013000
d4 d3 Unlock the 7th Time Dimension 100000000 111013000
d5 d4 Unlock the 8th Time Dimension 1000000000 1111013000
d6 N/A To be continued... Temporary placeholder for a future update. N/A N/A

Time Study Tree Edit

Entire tree

Time studies are arranged in a top-to-bottom branching way, such that purchasing any given study gives you the choice of purchasing the next study (or studies) just below it. Each box in the tree is either a time study which will provide a boost, or an Eternity Challenge which must be purchased in order to enter it, and all the boxes cost Time Theorems to unlock.

The tree can be freely respecced at the beginning of each eternity, which can be done by pressing the button at the top of the page. Activating the respec removes all of your purchased time studies and refunds all the Time Theorems spent with no extra cost.

For each of the two-way splits, you can purchase both options if you have enough Time Theorems to afford them. This is also true for all of the studies in the bottom four rows of the tree.

For the first two three-way splits, purchasing the first study of each branch will lock up the other two choices, making them un-purchasable until a respec. The third three-way split requires you to complete all three of those challenges before being able to go farther.

Eternity Challenges Edit

Main article: Eternity Challenges

Eternity challenges have two requirements, one being the Time Theorem cost and the other being something else that depends on the challenge (eg. a minimum number of infinities, a certain number of galaxies, etc.). The additional requirement must be met before the challenge can be purchased, which then of course still requires Time Theorems. This means that to unlock EC5 (for example) you need to reach the specified number of galaxies with an extra 130 Theorems in order to purchase it.

Once purchased, the secondary requirement is removed ( except EC11 and EC12 ) until you either complete the challenge or purchase a different one. The practical upshot of this is that you can now respec the tree without needing to re-do the secondary requirement again, meaning that you can try taking different sets of studies into a challenge if you can't do it the first time around. Note that purchasing the eternity challenge box itself is still required to enter.

After a challenge is completed, it is considered purchased for the sake of allowing later studies to be purchased. This means, for example, that you can get the triple replicanti speed study after completing EC5 (for the first time) without spending 130 Theorems on the EC box. However, you still need to spend the Theorem cost to enter a challenge again even after completing it previously.

You also retain the rewards from each EC without needing to purchase the EC studies again.

Dilation Studies Edit

Main article: Time Dilation

Unlike other time studies, there are time studies that remains bought when you respec the time study tree. The first dilation study requires EC11x5 and EC12x5 to be completed instead. These time studies unlock new content including more Time Dimensions.