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Time Dilation is a post-eternity feature introducing a harder version of your normal runs.

How do I unlock it? Edit

Unlocking Time Dilation requires that you have completed Eternity Challenges 11 and 12 5 times each, and to obtain 13000 total Time Theorems. Only then, you can buy the study located below EC11 and EC12, called Unlock dilated time. Purchasing this study will unlock Time Dilation permanently, with no way of retrieving the 5000 spent TT until later on, when you get further into the Dilated time upgrades.

How does Time Dilation work? Edit

Time Dilation is a version of a normal run where nearly all of the multipliers to Normal, Infinity and Time Dimensions get their exponent^0.75 (eg. if you otherwise would have a e10000 (e10^4) multiplier on a dimension, Time Dilation changes this multiplier to e1000 (e10^3)). Yes, this is a massive nerf to everything, but your goal at the start is to get to 1.79e308IP and eternity. Doing an eternity inside a dilated run will exit out of dilation.

Tachyon Particles Edit

Tachyon particles are gained by eternitying with enough antimatter while time is dilated.

Tachyon gain = (log(antimatter)/400)1.5 * 3d3 - (total tachyon particles)

To get more tachyon particles, you must progress farther than your last dilated run; otherwise, you'll make 0.

Dilated Time Edit

Dilated time is a currency produced by tachyon particles (base production rate is 1DT/s/TP). Dilated time can do 2 things:

  1. Dilated time does a similar thing like Time Shards (produced by Time Dimensions), but with galaxies. When you get up to certain thresholds of dilated time, you will gain an Antimatter Galaxy that won't affect the cost of other galaxies. The requirement increases by 5 times each galaxy, starting at 1000. This requirement can be reduced by a repeatable upgrade.
  2. Dilated time is the currency you use to purchase the following upgrades:

Upgrades Edit

Repeatable Edit

ID Description Details Starting Cost Price Increase
1 Double time dilation gain. 1e5 10x
2 Decrease the galaxy threshold multiplier, but resets free galaxies and dilated time. 1.35+3.65*0.8n 1e6 100x
3 Triple the amount of Tachyon Particles gained. 1e7 20x

Non-Repeatable Edit

ID Description Details Cost
4 Gain twice as many free galaxies. 5e6
5 Time Dimensions are affected by replicanti multiplier ^ 0.1. 1e9
6 Normal dimensions gain a multiplier based on dilated time, unaffected by time dilation. DT^308 5e7
7 Gain a multiplier to IP based on dilated time. Currently: ()x DT^1000 2e12
8 Pick all the study paths from the first split. 1e10
9 Reduce the dilation penalty. (^ 1.05 after reduction) 1e11
10 Generate time theorems based on tachyon particles. Currently: ()/s TP/20000 1e15