Note: This is a bit of a joke. Moderators should feel free to delete or heavily edit this.

Have you ever seen how many atoms are in the universe? That’s 10^80. That’s a BIG number! But after just a couple days of playing Antimatter Dimension, the numbers get BIGGER THAN THAT!!! Yes, even more than a GOOGOL!! Up to 1e308 before breaking Infinity! That’s HUGE!!!! More than the number of Planck volumes that could FIT in the UNIVERSE!! But that’s just the beginning of how MUCH ANTIMATTER you can GET!!!

After breaking Infinity and getting to Eternity you see numbers like 1e124,935. That’s HHHUUUUGGGGGEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! It’s SO BIG, it would take 12 hours straight JUST TO WRITE THE NUMBER DOWN in decimal form!!!!!!! It is bigger than Sbiis Sabian’s Googolgong times Googol raised to the 200th power times a millillion!!!! And THAT’S not even CLOSE to that number, you would need 20 orders of universes where in an x order universe each atom has an x+1 order universe!!! That’s just the last part from the number I described 2 sentences ago to 1e124,935!!! The numbers just get THAT BIG. Prepare for the journey to get that much ANTIMATTER. YES, THE HYPERVALUEABLE RESOURCE CALLED ANTIMATTER!!!!!


An example of how BIG the numbers get in Antimatter Dimensions!!!


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