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Replicanti are a feature unlocked upon getting 1e140 Infinity Points. They grow exponentially over time, and reset on crunch (unless you have the Is this safe? achievement) or starting a challenge. They cannot exceed Infinity unless you have bought Time Study 192.

Growth Edit

Chance is a percentage value converted to a number from 0 to 1.

Interval is set to a base of the amount it's upgraded to, in ms.

It is multiplied by 10 with time study 133 OR if you have exceeded infinity replicanti.[1]

It is divided by 3 with time study 62, and by 20 with time study 213.

It is multiplied by 1.2(log10(replicanti) - 308)/308 if you have exceeded infinity replicanti.

When it's been <= 50ms since last tick and you have a interval >= 50ms, every (interval): Edit

Replicanti <100 Edit

(# of replicanti) times: (chance) to get +1 replicanti.

Replicanti >100 Edit

Chance <50% Edit

100 times: (chance) to get +(round(replicanti/100)[2]) replicanti.[3]

Chance >=50%[4] Edit

Double your replicanti.

replicanti amounts are set static from before it starts incrementing.

When it's been >50ms since last tick or you have a replicanti interval < 50ms, every tick: Edit

<500ms since last tick and you have study 192: Edit

replicanti = eln(replicanti)+ln((time since last tick (s))*(ln(chance+1)/interval*1000*(log10(1.2)/308)+1)/(log10(1.2)/308)

>500ms since last tick or you don't have study 192:

replicanti = eln(replicanti)+(time since last tick (s))*ln(chance+1)/interval*1000

  1. This nullifies the negative effects of study 133 if you exceed infinity replicanti.
  2. This means that the rate of replicanti gain can be slightly off at low amounts of replicanti.
  3. This calculation will count as if you were at infinity initially if you were at more than infinity.
  4. This will make your replicanti growth widely off around exactly 50% chance in this circumstance.
Replicanti additionally gets capped at infinity unless you have study 192.

Upgrades Edit

Replicanti can be upgraded.

Upgrade Base Effect Effect Max Effect Base Price Price Increase Price Increase Increase
Chance 0.01 +0.01 1 1e150 1e15 1
Interval 1000ms *0.9 50ms[1] 1e140 1e10 1
Galaxy[2] 0 +1[3] 100 1e170 1e25[4] 1e5[5]
Galaxy[2] 100 +1[3] - 1e27920[6] 1e775[4] 1e55[5]
  1. Can be reduced to 1ms with time study 22.
  2. 2.0 2.1 This is on the list multiple times to indicate a change in pricing at 100 galaxies.
  3. 3.0 3.1 Actually gives 1.5 with time study 131.
  4. 4.0 4.1 /1e23 in EC6
  5. 5.0 5.1 /1e3 in EC6
  6. 1e10470 in EC6

Infinity Dimension Multiplier Edit

Replicanti formula

Infinity Dimensions gain a bonus based on how much replicanti you have:

log2(replicanti)2, plus replicanti0.032 if you have time study 21, times 5replicanti galaxies if you have study 102.

Galaxies Edit

When you reach Infinity replicanti, you will gain the ability to get a galaxy from them.

Getting a replicanti galaxy acts like a regular galaxy, but it doesn't increase the 8th dimension cost of getting more galaxies.

They are capped at an amount that depends on how much you've upgraded them.

When you buy a galaxy with your Replicanti, your Replicanti will reset to 1, except if you have the Popular Music Achievement which instead makes them get divided by 1.8e308

Time Study 132 makes replicanti galaxies count as 1.4 normal galaxies. Time Study 133 makes replicanti galaxies count as 1.5 normal galaxies. These only apply to the direct tickspeed boost and nothing else.

Time Study 33 allows keeping half of your replicanti galaxies (rounded down) when you big crunch.

Estimated Time To Infinity Edit

(ln(1.79e308) - ln(replicanti)) / ln(chance+1)/interval*1000

Repl pre eter

Time to Infinite replicanti, up to e308 (pre-eternity)

Time to Infinite replicanti first goes below 30 minutes (for the achievement) when the upgrade costing 1e285 IP is purchased.

Replicanti speed caps after spending 1e1620 IP on the last "Chance" upgrade, which is 51.2 seconds to Infinity without Time Study 22 or 1.02 seconds with it. The interval goes below 50 ms at 440 IP, so there is not point in getting the study if you can't reach that yet.

Repl post eter

Time to Infinite replicanti, up to e1400