Notations are one of the options given to the player to choose between different notations of numbers.

General InfoEdit

There are currently 10 notations player can choose from. Standard, Cancer, Mixed scientific, Mixed engineering, Logarithm, Brackets, Infinity, Scientific, Engineering, and Letters, in order. The option is under Options tab. There is an related option labeled "Commas on large exponents On/Off" for exponents in scientific to have commas with numbers over 1e100,000. When evaluated, the number is first divided in to components of scientific notation, power and mantissa.


If power<=303 (number<=e303), the function calls the suffix from the following list.

Look up table
(power/3 mod 3)-1 Suffix
0 K
1 M
2 B
3 T
4 Qa
5 Qt
6 Sx
7 Sp
8 Oc
9 No
10 Dc
11 UDc
12 DDc
13 TDc
14 QaDc
15 QtDc
16 SxDc
17 SpDc
18 ODc
19 NDc
20 Vg
21 UVg
22 DVg
23 TVg
24 QaVg
25 QtVg
26 SxVg
27 SpVg
28 OVg
29 NVg
30 Tg
31 UTg
32 DTg
33 TTg
34 QaTg
35 QtTg
36 SxTg
37 SpTg
38 OTg
39 NTg
40 Qd
41 UQd
42 DQd
43 TQd
44 QaQd
45 QtQd
46 SxQd
47 SpQd
48 OQd
49 NQd
50 Qi
51 UQi
52 DQi
53 TQi
54 QaQi
55 QtQi
56 SxQi
57 SpQi
58 OQi
59 NQi
60 Se
61 USe
62 DSe
63 TSe
64 QaSe
65 QtSe
66 SxSe
67 SpSe
68 OSe
69 NSe
70 St
71 USt
72 DSt
73 TSt
74 QaSt
75 QtSt
76 SxSt
77 SpSt
78 OSt
79 NSt
80 Og
81 UOg
82 DOg
83 TOg
84 QaOg
85 QiOg
86 SxOg
87 SpOg
88 OOg
89 NOg
90 Nn
91 UNn
92 DNn
93 TNn
94 QaNn
95 QtNn
96 SxNn
97 SpNn
98 ONn
99 NNn
100 Ce

Else, it instead generates by following rules.

  1. Let e be floor(power/3)-1.
  2. Divide e by every 1000.ex.) 2304933->2,304,933
  3. For each groups, divide into each digits(here represented by abc where each letter representing a digit) and convert to a string by following table, each digit connected from left to right:
abc c b a
0 [Empty] [Empty] [Empty]
1 U Dc Ce
2 D Vg Dn
3 T Tg Tc
4 Qa Qd Qe
5 Qt Qi Qu
6 Sx Se Sc
7 Sp St Si
8 O Og Oe
9 N Nn Ne

ex.) 225->QtVgDn

  1. Connect each string with "MI-" "MC-" "NA-" "PC-" "FM-", uses left first to rightmost.
  2. If there are connectors lead by just U, get rid of the U(but leave the connector), and return the abbreviation. Note that if the number is greater than 1T(=1e12) and less than 1 Ce(=1e303), the either of methods returns the same.

The number is [mantissa in engineering (1<=a<1000)]+[space]+[the abbreviation].

Letters/Cancer (Emojis)Edit

This notation is somewhat similar to the Standard notation, but instead decimal replaced with a name, it uses letters/emojis respectively in index order. The emojis in Cancer notation is related to the letters they are representing. Basically, instead of K, M, B, T, etc., it uses a, b, c, ..., z, aa, ab, and so on.

Letters Emojis Emoji name
a 😠 Angry
b πŸŽ‚ Birthday
c πŸŽ„ Christmas
d πŸ’€ Death
e πŸ† Eggplant
f πŸ‘ͺ Family
g 🌈 Gay pride
h πŸ’― Hundred
i 🍦 Ice cream
j πŸŽƒ Jack-o'-lantern
k πŸ’‹ Kiss
l πŸ˜‚ LOL
m πŸŒ™ Moon
n β›” No
o πŸ™ Octopus
p πŸ’© Poop
q ❓ Question
r ☒ Radioactive
s πŸ™ˆ See no evil
t πŸ‘ Thumbs up
u β˜‚ Umbrella
v ✌ "V"
w ⚠ Warning
x ❌ "X"
y πŸ˜‹ Yummy
z ⚑ Zap


Scientific notation separates mantissa (>=1∧<10) and exponents, and then connect it by [matissa]e[exponent]. Engineering notation is very similar to scientific notation, but mantissa instead goes up to 1000 and exponent is always multiple of 3, and connect the same way with scientific notation. It was formally connected by ᴇ until 2018/06/20.

With "Commas for large exponents" disabled, when above e100000, the exponent of a number also gets shortened in the same way (2e100000 to 2e1e5; 20e99999 to 20e100e3)

Mixed Scientific/Mixed EngineeringEdit

This notation is a hybrid of Standard notation and Scientific/Engineering notation. If power<=33(number<=1e33=1 Dc), they use Standard notation. Else, they use Scientific/Engineering notation.


This notation does not use mantissa, but instead take a general logarithm(log10) of the number, and lead it by "e".


This is closely related to Logarithm notation, but instead it takes log base Number.MAX_VALUE(=1.7976931348623157e+308=Infinity), and then add infinity sign(∞) after.


Brackets notation(formerly known as Default notation, see below) is also somewhat related to Logarithm notation, but has very unique systems.

  1. Take log6 of the number.
  2. Separate into integer part and decimal part.
  3. Multiply decimal part by 36, take the floor, then take mod 6.
  4. Convert the integer part and value from step 3 into base 6 with digits ), [, {, ], ), }, and connect it with '.'.
  5. Lead the string with 'e'.


  • If the value is less than 1000, it will show plain numbers with a given number of digits.
  • If not broken Infinity, and if the number is Infinite(means that the number is greater or equal to Infinity), it will always be "Infinite".
  • If somehow none of above and if the number is greater than e100,000, it will be "1337 H4CK3R".


In April Fools 2018, two new notations(Infinity and Brackets) were introduced. If a player was post-eternity when they first entered the page on April Fools, their notation option was automatically changed to what is now Brackets notation. Hevipelle made it "a new default notation", and temporarily set the name of the notation to "Default". These changes were changed to what they are now a few days later. In addition, April Fools had a random event that made both theme and notation change to Cancer.