There is a base multiplier which comes from all the times you have boosted, purchased 10 dimensions or tickspeed upgrade, or sacrificed:

For every,,, Multiplier Dimension(s)
Purchase of 10 dimensions 2 (base)

(100/3)random number from 0 to 1*0.3 (during challenge 7)

x1.1 (after "Multiplier for 10 dimensions" infinity upgrade)

x1.01 (after "Is this hell?" achievement)

+x0.8*(# of competitions) (EC3 reward)

Soft Reset 2 (base)

2.5 (after "Dimension Boost power" infinity upgrade)

4 (after Infinity Challenge 7)

10 (during Infinity Challenge 7 or after Time Study 81)

x1.01 (after "Costco sells dimboosts now" achievement)

x1.0001amount of tickspeed upgrades gotten from time dimensions (after time Time Study 83)

1 (during challenge 8)

All above (number of soft resets)
Tickspeed purchase 1/(1-t) per dimension, where t is the “reduce tick interval by (100t)% All normal dimensions

[This is part is still in progress...]

Additionally all multipliers are further multiplied by everything else on this page. If any formula results in a multiplier less than 1, treat it as a 1 unless otherwise stated. All times are in seconds.

Special notes:

  • After completing Infinity Challenge 4, all multipliers are raised to the 1.1 power.
  • In Challenge 7, 2nd dimensions are raised to the 1.7 power and 4th dimensions are raised to the 1.4 power. This occurs before all the multipliers below.

Global modifiers (affects all regular dimensions equally)

Multiplier Variables Requirement
1.5n n = complete rows of achievements
2n n = Kred-based bonuses purchased
P7 P = Infinity Power
sqrt(1+log10(A)) A = current antimatter Upgrade: "Power up all dimensions based on current antimatter"
sqrt(1+log10(A)) A = total antimatter Upgrade: "Power up all dimensions based on total antimatter produced"
1+10*log10(I+1) I = infinitied stat Upgrade: "Power up all dimensions based on amount infinitied"
(a-30)3/40 a = number of achievements Upgrade: "Power up all dimensions based on achievements completed"
3000/T T = worst challenge time Upgrade: "Power up all dimensions based on slowest challenge run"
1.1 Achievement: "Antichallenged"
1.1 Achievement: "Can't hold all these infinities"
3600/(t+1800) t = time in current infinity Achievement: "Many deaths"
3.3/(t+0.3) t = time in current infinity Achievement: "Blink of an eye"
301-6*t t = time in current infinity Achievement: "Ludicrous speed"
101-t/6 t = time in current infinity Achievement: "I brake for NOBODY!"
1+A0.00004 A = current antimatter Achievement: "I got a few to spare"[1]
1+A0.00002 A = current antimatter Achievement: "THIS ACHIEVEMENT DOESN'T EXIST"
(1.05+G*0.005)T G = number of galaxies

T = number of tickspeed upgrades

Infinity Challenge 3 completed
10t/60 t = time in current eternity (capped at 5 hr) Time Study 91
R R = current replicanti count Time Study 101
10616 Time Study 161

Dimension-specific modifiers (only affects specific dimensions)

Multiplier Variables Dimension(s) Requirement
See Dimensional Sacrifice 8th
1+I/5 I = infinitied stat All Upgrade: "__ and __ Dimension based on infinitied stat" (different upgrades affect different dimensions)
1+(IP/2)1.5 IP = Infinity Points 1st Upgrade: "Bonus for unspent Infinity Points on 1st dimension"
1.1 1st Achievement: "There's no point in doing that..."
1.05 1st Achievement: "I forgot to nerf that"
3 1st Achievement: "ERROR 909: Dimension not found"
1.5 1st Achievement: "You did this again just for the achievement right?"
1.1 8th Achievement: "The 9th Dimension is a lie"
1.02 1st-7th[2] Achievement: "You didn't need it anyway"
1.25 1st-4th Achievement: "Zero Deaths"
1+D/100 D = dimension number All Achievement: "How the antitables have turned..."
(M1M8)0.02 M1 = multiplier on 1st dimensions

M8 = multiplier on 8th dimensions

2nd-7th Infinity Challenge 8 completed

Challenge-based Modifiers

Change Variables Challenge Requirement
1.4 multiplier (all) All Achievement: "End me"
2400/(t+600) multiplier (all) t = time in current infinity All Achievement: "Not-so-challenging"
multiplier is raised to 0.25 power (all but most recently upgraded) Infinity Challenge 4
divided by matter (all) Infinity Challenge 6
0.184t (all) t = time since last purchase Infinity Challenge 8

Time Study Changes (these replace above modifiers when purchased)

  • "__ and __ Dimension based on infinitied stat" becomes (1+I/5)4 (requires Time Study 31)
  • calcTotalSacrificeBoost()0.25 on non-8th (requires Time Study 71)

[Multipliers for other things still needs to be added...]

(This should be accurate as of Dec. 5 2017)

  1. The bonuses from "I got a few to spare" and "THIS ACHIEVEMENT DOESN'T EXIST" don't apply together. Instead, whichever one is larger applies.
  2. Due to a bug in the code, this also affects the 8th Dimension if "The 9th Dimension is a lie" hasn't been completed yet.