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Infinity Dimensions are a special set of dimensions unlocked well after breaking infinity.

They are unlocked individually once you get enough antimatter, then are purchased using Infinity Points.

You can only buy 10 at a time. They will be reset to base amounts on Infinity.

The First Infinity Dimension produces Infinity Power, which boosts all dimensions by (n^7).

The price increase of each Infinity Dimension will be lowered each completion of Eternity Challenge 12.


Dim # Unlock Requirement Base Price Base Price Increase Min Price Increase Power Increase
1 1e1100 1e8 1e3 759 50
2 1e1900 1e9 1e6 5.75e5 30
3 1e2400 1e10 1e8 4.78e7 10
4 1e10500 1e20 1e10 3.98e9 5
5 1e30000 1e140 1e15 2.51e14 5
6 1e45000 1e200 1e20 1.58e19 5
7 1e54000 1e250 1e25 1e24 5
8 1e60000 1e280 1e30 6.31e28 5