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Infinity is 2^1024 (~1.7976931348623159e308), and is important for many parts in Antimatter Dimensions as it is mentioned many times in the game. It is the limit of 64 bit IEEE floating point numbers (this applies in javascript), and is the maximum value that a number can normally get in many applications (except for this game).

Big CrunchEdit

This happens at Infinity antimatter. You'll have to Big Crunch to continue, which your first big crunch will give 1 IP (infinity point). Your first Big Crunch unlocks the Infinity tab, where you can spend your Infinity Points (IP). Each Crunch gives 1 IP at first, but can be upgraded by the 2x IP multiplier to give more IP. The upgrades have to be bought from top to bottom, except the 2x IP upgrade at the bottom, which can double your IP gains from all sources. The 2x IP upgrade can be bought multiple times, doubling IP gains but costing 10x more at each level, but you can only start buying it after you get the 16 other upgrades, and costs 10 IP (nerfed from 100 IP).

What happens when I Big Crunch?Edit

Everything that doesn't depend on Infinity gets reset, which means zero Dimensions, zero Galaxies, and no Dimension Shift/Boosts. That also does mean that you keep everything related to Infinity (and bigger), like your IP and the upgrades bought with them, and you also get a new run to Infinity (which is useful for some achievements). However, some achievements can keep some things on Infinity, or affect other things on Infinity.

What do I unlock when I (first) Big Crunch? Edit

Upon Big Crunch, you will unlock Infinity Upgrades to spend your IP and also Challenges. You will also automatically unlock the First Dimension Autobuyer, and gain an achievement.

What's next? Edit

Once you have enough IP and completed all the challenges to that point, you can Break Infinity.