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This guide (based on Patashu's Guide on Kongregate) is about getting through Antimatter Dimensions as fast as possible. Obviously in incremental games you will always eventually get what you want, but there are fast and slow ways. This guide also has some terms that you may not understand (check Terminology for the terms).

The game may be updated at some point or another, so information in this guide may be incorrect, outdated, etc. (or there are some errors)

The Antimatter Dimensions Discord Server can be used for help with the game (invite code is ST9NaXa, Invite Link)

General tips Edit


AutoHotKey's native GUI is simply a help documentation explorer.

  1. Set up a macro tool such as AutoHotkey, and you can use it to hold a key and make progress go faster.
  2. Use the M trick: Hold down M. After an initial delay, key repeat will start and you will spam the Buy max button faster than even an Autoclicker can! (The rate is controlled by Key repeat in Control panel.)
  3. Run Antimatter Dimensions in Google Chrome, no other browser. On Firefox the enter trick and autoclicker don't work as well. Leave it as the active tab in its own window, un-minimized (hidden is ok). If it is considered inactive it will not get as much CPU time and run inefficiently. (Turning off the News in options will also help CPU usage. Note that if your computer has very low specs, you will find it difficult to achieve challenge times and fastest infinity times reported in the guide.)
  4. Export your saves regularly and save them to a text file in some cloud storage (like Dropbox). This way if you need to change computers you can, you can't lose your progress by losing or overriding your save, and if you make a mistake and need to undo it you can load an earlier save.
  5. Learn the keyboard shortcuts and automate them.

Premise Edit

The premise of Antimatter Dimensions is that 1st Dimensions produce antimatter (the currency you use to buy things), 2nd Dimensions produce 1st Dimensions, 3rd Dimensions produce 2nd Dimensions and so on. All of the above will happen ~1.124x (1/(1-0.11)) multiplicatively faster by buying Tickspeed increases. Each Dimension will operate 2x multiplicatively faster every time you buy 10 of it.

Finally, by building up the count of your highest dimension, you can Dimension Shift (unlock a higher dimension, up to 8th Dimension), Dimension Boost (multiply all Dimension multipliers by 2x multiplicatively) and finally make an Antimatter Galaxy (Tickspeed reduction is increased by 0.1x - 1.12x for 1 galaxy and 1.13x for 2 galaxies, giving production multipliers of ~1.136x and ~1.149x respectively).

Using these powerful upgrades resets all progress up until that point, leaving you only with the new upgrade - but they are so powerful at the start of the game that is is mandatory to buy all of them.

One other mechanic is unlocked after the first Dimensional Boost - Dimensional Sacrifice. By destroying/sacrificing all non-8th dimensions, you multiply your 8th Dimension multiplier permanently. While it seems like it erases all your progress so far, the fact that dimension multipliers increase over time, in addition to the new 8th Dimension multiplier, effectively multiplies how fast you can redo all of that progress.

There is strong offline progression (all dimensions continue to produce lower dimensions and you gain antimatter), however no purchases take place while offline, so offline time usually just gets you to the next boost/galaxy and no further.

Antimatter Dimensions can be understood with a physics analogy. Antimatter is distance, 1st Dimensions are speed (they increase your antimatter linearly over time), 2nd Dimensions are acceleration (increasing 1st Dimensions linearly over time increases antimatter by t^2 over time) and so on. Continuing like this, we could call the dimensions 3 through 8 Jerk (3), Jounce (4), Crackle (5), Pop (6), Lock (7) and Drop (8) (using this list: ). Since every dimension linearly increases the one below it, we can see that Antimatter increases proportional to t^8 where t is time elapsed - but it is actually even better than this, since you are then spending your Antimatter increasing dimensional multipliers, buying tickspeed upgrades and so on, which makes your antimatter rise faster than t^8. However, at the start of the game it STILL does not rise exponentially over time (a^t where a is some constant) - you will need the help of powerful upgrades such as Antimatter Galaxies to increase antimatter exponentially, and then even superexponentially.

Additional formulas can be found in the how to page, if you're curious:

Start to Galaxy 1 Edit

Start by activating your Autoclicker (see Preface if you don't have one, or if you don't want an autoclicker you don't have to use one) and placing it on the 'Max all' button. You will have to turn your Autoclicker off and click other buttons manually for the following reasons, in order of appearance:

1. Buying exactly one of the highest dimension available to you. (Otherwise it is useless to buy any less than 10 dimensions at once, because they will be growing so fast from the dimensions above them that only the 2x multiplier for completing a set of 10 matters.)

2. 'Max all' prioritizes the next tickspeed boost (which is 1.11x to all dimensions) over an equally expensive 10 of one dimension (which is 2x to that dimension and usually more powerful). If you don't want this, you'll occasionally buy 10 by hand.

3. Buying the next Dimensional Shift, Dimensional Boost or Antimatter Galaxy. Doing this resets all your previous progress, but these upgrades are powerful and currently mandatory for progression. Max all does not buy them, so buy them by hand ASAP.

4. Doing Dimensional Sacrifices. Dimensional Sacrifices are unlocked at the 5th dimensional shift/boost, increasing 8th dimension multiplier while sacrificing all the other dimensions. Do the first one at 5x, and every subsequent one at about 2x as long as you are not very close to the next Boost or Galaxy. (The fact that your Dimension multipliers are higher than they used to be means that you'll regain all of your 1st-7th dimensions much faster than you ever could before, so the time spent rebuilding your dimensions from well timed Sacrifices is minimal.)

Finally, you will reach 80 8th Dimensions and buy Antimatter Galaxy 1. There may be no point to boost, as getting more galaxies are important than getting a lot of boosts. You will lose all progress up to the point where you got a galaxy, but there is more advantages to 1 galaxy than 0 galaxies.

Galaxy 1 to Galaxy 2 to Infinity Edit

When you get your first galaxy, at first, things will seem about as slow as when you had 0 Galaxies. However, look at the bonus for tickspeed boost - it's now 12% less instead of 11% less. Each tickspeed boost used to give production multiplier of ~1.124x (1/(1-0.11)), now it's about ~1.136x. Doesn't sound like much, but think about it this way - 1e60 antimatter used to give you an 880x boost - now it gives a 1629x boost. By the time you're back to 80 8th Dimensions (the end of Galaxy 0), you have a 3.5x bigger multiplier from Tickspeed boosts, which is better than before (galaxies are powerful). (Also, your achievements are giving a multipler to all dimensions - at this point it's 1.5x, as the first row of achievements has already been completed, which each row completed is a 1.5x multiplier boost)

When you are about to get close to reaching 100 8th Dimensions, stop - buy to exactly 99 8th Dimensions instead (buy singles), earning the achievement 'The 9th dimension is a lie', which gives 8th Dimensions 10% more production.

Continue in this way to 140 8th Dimensions, and buy your second Antimatter Galaxy.

Now the tickspeed boost production multiplier is ~1.149x. By the time you get back to 140 8th Dimensions, you now have a 10.6x bigger multiplier from Tickspeed boosts. Not bad! Now things will start to feel fast. This is because everything you can buy gives a multiplicative boost, and every cost also increases multiplicatively - so both antimatter produced and antimatter cost to buy things are exponential. If your antimatter produced is rising FASTER than the costs are, you have superexponential production and the game gets FASTER, not SLOWER, as your amount of antimatter increases! Not bad, huh? However, the only thing stopping you from growing forever is that at 1.80e308 antimatter (or 179.77UCe), which is 100% of the 'Percentage until Infinity' bar growing along the bottom, you hit Infinity and have to do a Big Crunch, but this is not the end of Antimatter Dimensions.

Before you reach Infinity (1.80e308 antimatter, or 179.77UCe, or 100% of the bar that fills along the bottom of the game), make sure to get the following achievements below: (of course, you can get these achievements if you missed them)

  • There's no point in doing that... - Buy a single 1st Dimension when you have over 1e150 of them, making 1st Dimensions 10% more stronger.
  • The Gods are pleased - Get over 600x from Dimension Sacrifice in total (keep doing Dimensional Sacrifices when you're VERY VERY close to Infinity until the achievement popup appears in the top right corner), and sacrifice is "slightly stronger". If you missed this achievement when you got Infinity, you will get it easily in challenge 8.

When you reach Infinity, click the 'Big Crunch' button. Things will start over, but with a new 'Infinity' button available, and with a new type of currency called Infinity Points. Big Crunching will give Infinity Points, which right now only gives 1 IP. You also get the achievement "To infinity!" which gives 100 antimatter when you start a new Infinity. Statistics has also given a new section, having past infinities, and the feature to be able to complete (other) challenges is unlocked, and the 1st dimension autobuyer is given.

This section may take around a few hours to a few days, depending on how you play the game. Of course, it's only the beginning of the game, but there is a lot more content to come.

Infinity Point(s) 1 - 9 Edit

Now that you have done your first Big Crunch, you can click on the Infinity button, and on the Upgrades tab, buy Production increases over time for 1 IP. (increases the dimensions multiplier by how long you've played the game overall)

Some people recommend getting Multiplier for 10 Dimensions 2x → 2.2x instead. However, this is much better. Why? Because the multiplier applies to ALL dimensions RIGHT AWAY. 2x → 2.2x is only a bigger multiplier for any given dimension after upgrading that dimension about 10 times, whereas Production increases over time is speeding up the slowest part of runs - the starts. Even though the multiplier may not be a big increase, it will eventually increase with time.

Now here is an important way to speed up the early game: Go to the Challenges tab, unlocked after you did your first Big Crunch, which there are 11 challenges available (you just beat challenge 1, getting infinity for the first time). Until Infinity Point 5-6, it is faster to do a Challenge 8 (8th Dimension Autobuyer Challenge) run instead of a normal run. Why? Challenge 8 has its own exponential growth system that, right now, is faster than hitting Infinity normally. Other challenges can be done later, but for now, we will focus on Challenge 8.

Your Challenge 8 runs will take about an hour each. If they were normal runs, they'd have taken a few hours each. Once you swap back to normal runs with 5-6IP under your belt, they'll start taking less than an hour each.

There are two strategies for C8 to try, depending on how much you're paying attention:

  • Easy strategies: Sacrifice at 3.00x or above (or any set amount you want, but at least above 2x)
  • Optimal strategies: Count how long it takes to reach 1.01x from 1.00x, wait another of that length of time, then sacrifice and repeat (e.g. 5s to get to 1.01x -> wait until 10s has passed in total that sacrifice)

As for the rest of the Challenges and Autobuyers, don't worry about them yet - they will be more useful and easier to complete the challenges once you have more IP.

With your upcoming IP, get the upgrade Multiplier for 10 dimensions 2x → 2.2x for 1 IP, then the rest of the first two column Infinity upgrades in any order you please.

Once you start doing regular Infinities, if you're holding M (max all) for them and have Decrease the number of dimensions needed for reset by 9, set your 8th Dimension Autobuyer to buy singles. If you're not active, keep it on buy 10. This will speed up runs slightly since it will occasionally buy the 8th dimension needed for the next boost or galaxy.

During this section you will be able to get the following achievements:

How the antitables have turned

You can get this during the end of a Challenge 8 run. Turn off all Autobuyers, sacrifice, buy 10 of each dimension, and then buy groups of 10 of each dimension at a time until your 8th dimension multiplier is largest, your 7th dimension multiplier is second largest, etc. It is worth getting this now, as it becomes harder later. You get a reward, boosting dimensions proportional to tier (from 1 getting 1% boost to 8 having 8% boost).

I don't believe in Gods

Buy a Galaxy without Sacrificing. At this point in the game sacrificing is still faster than not sacrificing, but go out of your way once to get this achievement.

You didn't need it anyway

Reach Infinite antimatter without having any 8th dimensions. To do this, get 5 IP of upgrades, 2 galaxies and the 185 8th Dimensions dimensional boost, then instead of autoclicking Max all, autoclick tickspeed Buy max and the Until 10 for each dimension except for 8th dimensions. (8th dimensions should be 0)

Infinity Points 9 - 45 Edit

You cannot come up with plans like "I'll save up for infinity upgrade X even though it's more expensive" - the upgrades can only be unlocked in the following order - column 3 top to bottom, then column 4 top to bottom, then Multiply infinity points from all sources by 2.

So, continue to get IPs as you have been before. By this point it is already faster to go Infinite on one galaxy instead of 2, which speeds things up a lot. The game still feels very "active" at this point, but hang in there. Things will get better soon.

When you get the upgrade Bonus for unspent Infinity Points on 1st dimension, you should always keep unspent IP on hand, since spending all of it on an upgrade will actually SLOW down your time to infinity. At first this number will be 10, but later it will be 20, 50, 100 and so on. Continue to save and export backups of your game data so that if you make a mistake and slow down your progress by spending too much IP, you can change your mind.

Finally, once you have bought Infinity point generation (based on fastest infinity) and have at least 10 unspent IP, spend some time to get your fastest infinity as fast as possible. Now you earn IPs 10% as fast as you can earn IPs by playing actively! You can go offline and come back to a meaningful form of progress. Give yourself a pat on the back because now we're about to go to the most fun part of the game for a while, Challenges.

Challenges Edit

Click on


Finally, I will reveal the reason why you wait this long to do Challenges - Because you bring ALL possible achievements that you can get and the Infinity upgrades into your Challenge runs, EXCEPT for the 4th column of Infinity upgrades. So we are currently at the point in the game, excluding grinding on-hand IP, where there is no easy way to speed up challenges any further. Here are the challenges in order from easiest to hardest:

  1. Automated Galaxies: Trivial. (Normal matter does not rise fast enough to intimidate anyone who has even a few IPs of upgrades, let alone your current state.)
  2. 7th Dimension Autobuyer: Trivial although RNG dependent. (It's possible to get VERY bad rolls on the multipliers and actually LOSE production. However, it's reset every time you shift/boost/galaxy, so if you can't make it to the next one, use the provided 'lose a reset' button to try again, with only a minor setback.)
  3. 3rd Dimension Autobuyer: Trivial. (1st dimension production starts at 1% normal, but your upgrades are so massive at this point it barely registers.)
  4. 8th Dimension Autobuyer: Once you boost the first time and unlock Dimensional Sacrifice, keep doing it every time it hits 2x. After a while it will hit 3x super fast, then 5x super fast, then 10x super fast, etc. Essentially this is a superexponential loop, serving the same purpose Galaxy 2 did in your initial run. (If you followed the guide though, this is already complete, so you don't have to complete it again if you don't want to.)
  5. 4th Dimension Autobuyer: You can try turning off autobuyers and spacing out your 'Buy max' clicks, but I found this challenge to finish quite fast even with no special tactics.
  6. 5th Dimension Autobuyer: Pretty much just a slower game with no special tactics. You will probably have to get 2 galaxies to finish this one.
  7. 6th Dimension Autobuyer: 'Each dimension costs the dimension 2 before it' means that while 1st and 2nd still cost Antimatter, 3rd costs 1st Dimensions, 4th costs 2nd Dimensions and so on. Except for the fact that buying the 1st of each new dimension is more important than usual (because it immediately kicks off accelerated production of its cost), this is just a slower game.
  8. Automated Dimension Boosts: Slower with no special tactics. You'll probably need 2 galaxies. (Also, doing this challenge means you automatically get "You didn't need it anyway" as you cannot buy 8ths anyway. -lilk0408)
  9. Automated Big Crunches: Slower with no special tactics. You'll probably need 2 galaxies.
  10. 2nd Dimension Autobuyer: This challenge is quite slow, because production of ALL dimensions goes linearly from 0% to 100% over the course of 180 seconds every time you buy ANYTHING. The best strategy can be to turn off all autobuyers and only hit 'Buy max' when you can buy multiples of several Dimensions at once.

Finally, Tickspeed Autobuyer. This is the hardest challenge out of the 12 challenges, and I recommend you make FREQUENT backup saves because it is very easy to screw up - which wouldn't be so bad, except 'Lose a reset' takes you back to the start of the PREVIOUS reset, not CURRENT reset. Do this:

  • Turn off all Dimension and tickspeed autobuyers, however keep 8th and 6th autobuyers turned on.
  • Go to options and change your notation to Scientific. (click on notation button until it says Scientific)

Now understand this: Every time you buy 10 of a dimension or one tickspeed boost, its cost increases by a certain multiple, for example '3' means that it will go from 1e2 to 1e5):

  • Tickspeed: 1
  • 1: 3
  • 2: 4
  • 3: 5
  • 4: 6
  • 5: 8
  • 6: 10
  • 7: 12
  • 8: 15

The challenge is that if you buy 10 of a dimension/tickspeed boost for a certain cost, anything else that had that cost will ALSO increase by the same amount. So imagine that you accidentally made 1st and 8th Dimensions cost the same, then bought 10 1st Dimensions - suddenly your 8th Dimensions will cost 1e15x more, which will likely be too expensive to reach and force a reload.

Because the penalty for cost increasing a more expensive Dimension is the highest, you should focus on maxing out the highest Dimensions and making sure their costs never line up, while being less careful with lower Dimensions - even if they get as expensive as higher Dimensions, you can just go and upgrade higher Dimensions instead. The lower Dimension will not get so much more expensive that you're screwed, maxing out higher Dimensions is FAR more important. Finally, every so often, buy tickspeed upgrades until it's just cheaper than the cheapest Dimension. To be clear, you do not have to play perfectly to clear this challenge, especially with all of your Infinity upgrades, so long as you do not make any major mistakes.

The reason why you can leave 8th and 6th Dimension autobuyers on is because 8th should always be bought ASAP, and 6th never has a cost the same as an 8th Dimension. 7th Dimension is always safe, but it can have the same cost as 8th Dimension at e55, e115, e175, e235, and e295.

If you are still stuck, you can try this helper script:

Once you have cleared the Tickspeed Autobuyer Challenge and all the other challenges, you are done with Challenges (for now), and have all (or necessary) Autobuyers unlocked. But how do they work?

By this point, you can unlock the following achievements:

  • 'How the antitables have turned'. Buy 1 (or 9) of each dimension, then buy 2nd dimensions so its multiplier is barely above 1st, 3rd so it's barely above 2nd, and so on. (You could have unlocked this earlier, but you have another chance)
  • 'Faster than a potato'. At the end of the Automated Dimension Boosts challenge, it is possible to buy a third galaxy while you are almost close to reaching infinity at 270 6th Dimensions. Complete the challenge with 3 galaxies to unlock the achievement, but you have to buy almost (or all) the tickspeed upgrades you can. You will also unlock this achievement later on in Break Infinity era.

Autobuyers Edit

Go to Infinity tab, then to Autobuyers tab. Turn on all your autobuyers. This is a huge jump in complexity compared to the rest of the game - what do all of these buttons, dropdowns and fields do?

We'll start by looking at the 1st Dimension Autobuyer. By default, it buys 1 1st dimension every 1.5 seconds. If a first dimension can't be afforded when the 1.5 seconds are up, it waits until it can be, and buys a 1st dimension, starting the 1.5 second timer again.

The first thing we can do is press the 'Buys singles' button. This changes it to 'Buys until 10'. Even though there is a small advantage to buying the first copy of each dimension, at this point your starting antimatter AND antimatter growth is so high that you'll be able to buy 10 of each dimension so fast that there is no longer any benefit to using 'Buys singles'.

There is also a checkbox 'Is active'. If for some reason we only want to buy certain things and not others, we can toggle autobuyers individually this way. Checking the box will allow the autobuyer to buy dimensions, while unchecking it will do the opposite.

There is also a dropdown 'Priority'. What is this used for? If you think back to 3 paragraphs ago, we know that it's possible for multiple Autobuyers to be off cooldown, but not able to afford their next purchase yet. If both of those autobuyers want to buy things at the same time, priority is used as a tie break - Autobuyers with '1' go first, then Autobuyers with '2'... and so on, all the way down to 9. Almost all of the time, you will want to use the default priority (1 for 1st, 2 for 2nd... 8 for 8th, 9 for tickspeed), because when all of your Autobuyer intervals are at 0.10 seconds and you buy a boost/galaxy, the Autobuyers will buy in the order 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. And allow you to reach the 8th dimension instantly. If you had the opposite priority order, first the 8th dimension autobuyer would try to buy but couldn't, then the 7th dimension autobuyer would try to buy and couldn't... and finally the 1st dimension autobuyer would buy a dimension, but the higher autobuyers do not try to buy anything again until some time elapses. (Try it yourself to see how much slower it is!)

Finally, there is a button that lets you spend IP to reduce the autobuyer interval by 40%, cumulatively, finally reaching 0.1 for 64 IP. 0.1 is the minimum for all Autobuyers, which now they will all attempt to buy things simultaneously every 0.1 seconds going from lowest to highest priority.

Even after you bring a Dimension Autobuyer to 0.1 seconds, it can still be upgraded further. '2x bulk purchase' means that after buying this upgrade, it will try to buy dimensions twice every time it activates. Due to how many of each Dimension you can buy before hitting Infinity, the following bulk buy levels are the maximum that will have any effect:

  • bulk buy x128 for 1-2
  • bulk buy x64 for 3-5
  • bulk buy x32 for 6-8

Now let's look at the Tickspeed Autobuyer. You should press 'Buys singles' here to to set it to 'Buys max'. Cool! Once at 0.1 seconds you won't have to touch it until some Challenges later.

Now let's look at Automatic DimBoosts Autobuyer. It has two fields - 'Max 8ths used on reset', and 'Galaxies required to always Dimboost'. The first field determines how many boosts you buy per Galaxy - 0 for 0 boosts, 11 for 1 boost, 26 for 2 boosts, and so on. You want to set this to the lowest value required to reach Infinity. At this point it is probably 56, but later it can be even lower. The second field says that, once we have this galaxies, IGNORE the value of the first field - buy as many Boosts as possible. Right now, this is useless, but we will come back to it.

Now let's look at Automatic Galaxies autobuyer. The only field here is the maximum number of galaxies to buy - right now this should be 1.

Now let's look at the Automatic Big Crunch autobuyer. Right now it has no fields, but we will come back to it.

Now that we understand how Autobuyers work mechanically, let's continue our grind to higher and higher IPs.

Infinity Points: 45-200 and 201-1000 Edit

From this point on, we have choices - we can spend IP speeding up autobuyers, or on buying the 4th column of Infinity upgrades. But first, we should max out our fastest infinity, to maximize the effect of 'Infinity point generation (based on fastest infinity)'.

Under 'Statistics' > 'Statistics', we can see our fastest infinity time. We want to get this number as low as possible. We will do so using our Autoclicker, Automatic DimBoosts (set to 56 max 8ths or even lower later. Leave the second field at 10 for now), Automatic Galaxies (set to 1) and Automatic Big Crunch.

As usual, go for a fast infinity by placing your autoclicker on Max all, taking it off to Dimension Shift, Dimension Boost and for Antimatter Galaxy 1. (You can also do Dimensional Sacrifices, but we'll be going so fast that a lot of the time it doesn't even save time.) Your autobuyers for DimBoosts, Galaxies and Big Crunch will save time by sometimes clicking the buttons for you. As you earn IP, spend them either on making these 3 autobuyers faster OR on buying 4th column infinity upgrades, based on which is wasting more of your time (the specific run that it skips, or having to click specific buttons manually), making sure to keep 10 IP on-hand for the 'Bonus for unspent Infinity points on 1st Dimension' upgrade.

After a while of doing this, Autobuyers for dimensions and tickspeed will start to get cheap. If you need to take a break, buy them up and you'll only have to turn on your Autoclicker for the ends of runs (from 20 8th Dimensions to Galaxy 1, from 20 8th Dimensions to Big Crunch).

Continue to do runs until you start with 7th Dimension and the next DimBoost/Galaxy/Big Crunch autobuyer upgrade costs 128 IP. Now save up for 'You start with an 8th dimension and a Galaxy', costing 500 IP. Give yourself a pat on the back when you get it, as this upgrade will save a lot of time. Go to Autobuyers tab and set Automatic Dimboosts > Max 8ths used on reset to 11 - or even to 0 - now your fastest Infinity will suddenly go from 5-6 seconds to 1-2 seconds. And by continuing to save up unspent IP and buying Autobuyer upgrades past this point, you will be able to push it as low as 0.8 seconds.

After buying all the upgrades in the Upgrades tab in the Infinity tab, you can now buy levels of 'Multiply infinity points from all sources by 2'. It starts out costing 10 IP (It was originally 100 but got nerfed), but costs 10x more with each level, and can be bought as many times as you can afford to. Your IP/min rate will be shooting through the roof with all of these benefits combined.

Now get the following achievements:

  • Spreading Cancer: Go to options and change notation to Cancer, wait until you get the achievement (10 galaxies on Cancer notation). You may change the notation back to Scientific. (There is a news message that is available at 4,000 galaxies on Cancer notation, which may be very unnecessary to get right now) You may have gotten this earlier in the game, when you had cancer notation on when trying to get IP for upgrades, or challenges.

Eventually, you will have to get autobuyers down to the 0.1 second interval when they buy a dimension. This will be important for the next stage in the game, a very important stage where you can go further than the limit to Infinity.

3e4 IP: Break Infinity Edit

The requirement to get to Break Infinity is to get the Big Crunch autobuyer to a 0.1 second interval. This costs 32,768 IP (but the total cost is more than 32,768 IP), so it should be left until after you have 'Multiply infinity points from all sources by x16 (or higher), Automated Galaxies/Big Crunch at 0.8 seconds or faster (using your Autoclicker, plus Autobuyers, your fastest Infinity should be ~0.81 seconds), and all Dimension/Tickspeed Autobuyers at 0.10 interval with sufficient bulk buys.

Once you get the Big Crunch autobuyer interval to 0.10 seconds, you can finally be able to change the game. Now is the moment you've been waiting for! You can go click Infinity and click the Break Infinity tab. The Break Infinity tab will now allow you to break Infinity and get more upgrades. Smash the Break Infinity button, and the nature of the game will change - you can now continue PAST 1.8e308 antimatter, and many numbers can now be greater than 1.8e308. The upside? You will earn more IP on Big Crunch the more antimatter you make. The downside? The cost increases of tickspeed upgrades and dimensions starts increasing faster and faster past 1.8e308, meaning you will be effectively stuck around 6 galaxies, and by doing a long run can push to 7 galaxies. You will earn the Limit Break achievement by breaking infinity. You can fix infinity after breaking infinity, if you want to, but you won't get as much IP by fixing infinity, but it will help in decreasing fastest infinity times.

Breaking Infinity also introduces a new button that will unlock a new type of dimensions with a new dimension unlocking at 1e1100 antimatter, at the up left corner of the screen. You won't be able to get enough antimatter, but you will be able to get it later.

(The following section was figured out with help from /u/fsjd150 in this thread: )

At first, you may think this is cool, but then you realize 'there isn't any new content! it's just bigger numbers, and new more expensive IP upgrades to get'. However, the complexity of the game has just shot up dramatically. To demonstrate what I mean, go to Infinity > Autobuyers and look at Automatic Big Crunch. It now has a field of 'Amount of IP to wait until reset'. So, we now have different strategies we can explore for farming IP/min as fast as possible:

  • Short runs: Automatic Dimboosts set to 0/10, Automatic Galaxies set to 1, Automatic Big Crunch set to how much you make in 0.5-1.5 seconds.
  • 4 galaxy runs: Automatic Dimboosts set to 0/10, Automatic Galaxies set to 4, Automatic Big Crunch set to how much you make in 0.5-1.5 seconds after you hit 4 Galaxies.
  • 5 galaxy runs: Automatic Dimboosts set to 0/10, Automatic Galaxies set to 5, Automatic Big Crunch set to how much you make in 0.5-1.5 seconds after you hit 5 Galaxies.
  • 6 galaxy runs: Automatic Dimboosts set to 0/10, Automatic Galaxies set to 6, Automatic Big Crunch set to how much you make in 0.5-1.5 seconds after you hit 6 Galaxies. I usually found getting a sixth galaxy takes some time early post-break but this is just my experience. - Username5243 (I agree with this - lilk0408)

(By setting Automatic Dimboosts to 0/10, we never do any dimensional boosts, which at this point in the game don't save enough time to be worth it, at least for IP/min grinding.)

Also, after getting each broken infinity upgrade, try Fixing Infinity and M spam to get like 0.2 sec Infinties for IP gen based on fastest Infinity. - lilk0408

Try each of these strategies. Vary 'Amount of IP to wait until' by +/- 10% at a time, and keep checking Statistics > past infinities to see what the IP/min is of each strategy. When you are using the fastest strategy in the fastest sweetspot (both increasing AND decreasing 'Amount of IP to wait until' lowers your IP/min), you can leave the game running (or Autoclick Max all to go ~1.5-3x faster).

Unfortunately, this part is very slow. - lilk0408

What strategy is optimal will change both over time (because 'Bonus for unspent Infinity points on 1st Dimension' is increasing), as you buy Autobuyers (if they aren't maxed yet - get to it already!) and as you buy Infinity point upgrades. As always, remember to keep an increasing chunk of IP unspent to get benefits out of 'Bonus for unspent Infinity points on 1st Dimension'.

Also, feel free to try The MastaMama Trick: Set the priority of 8th Dimension Autobuyer AND Tickspeed Autobuyer to 1. This is reported to give a 10-20% boost in early post infinity, and to later give no noticable benefit, so you should undo this trick in later sections.

Or, try The MuteVampire trick: Set the dimension autobuyer priorities to 1/5/6/8/4/7/3/2/2. Like so: This is supposed to give a 20-30% boost in early post infinity. /u/dhoffryn recommends 1/3/3/3/3/3/3/2/2.

By the way, continue to upgrade bulk buy amounts for your autobuyers as they get cheap (can afford them with <1min of production). You will see small boosts to your IP/min production for doing this, but not forever, because the superexponential cost increases for dimensions post-infinity mean that, for example, you won't need to bulk buy more than 64x eighth dimensions for a VERY long time. However, at some point you will need to get all the bulk buys up to at least 512x to earn the achievement "Bulked up". (The autobuyers maximum bulk buy multiplier is at 1e100x, which is way farther than this state in the game, but it may be good to know)

Infinity Point 1e7 - Challenges revisited Edit

Once you have at least 1e7 IP, buy Multiply infinity points from all sources by 2 x128.

Once you have another 1e7 IP, buy Power up all dimensions based on slowest challenge run. Now it's time for some fun. Remember the challenges? The 4th column of infinity upgrades doesn't work on them, but everything under the Break Infinity tab does. Now we can do them super fast. In fact, so fast some of them won't even need a single boost or galaxy! So do the following:

  1. Fix Infinity (this is required to make challenges correctly complete, because if you break infinity and jump into a challenge in the early game, the challenges may take longer because you could get more than 1/2 galaxies in a challenge and may take more time)
  2. Enable Automatic DimBoosts autobuyer and set it to 11/6
  3. Disable Automatic Galaxies autobuyer
  4. Turn on Automatically retry challenges under
  5. Start the challenge in question, and use the M trick

The following challenges can be beaten this way:

  • 2nd - 8th dimension autobuyer (first 8 challenges)
  • Automated Galaxies

The following challenges will need 1 galaxy to beat as fast as possible, so enable Automatic Galaxies and set it to max 1 galaxy:

  • Automated Dimension Boosts
  • Automated Big Crunch

Lastly that leaves the Tickspeed Autobuyer challenge. Use the CounterPoint00 strategy:

Dimension Boost autobuyer 0/6 (shifts but not boosts)
Galaxies autobuyer off
Dimension autobuyers all on, 8th priority 1, 7th priority 2, others priority 3
Tickspeed autobuyer buy singles, priority 4

Start the Tickspeed Autobuyer challenge. Count up to about half a second after your autobuyers do the last Dimensional Shift, then hold M. Using this strategy, a time under 2 seconds is possible, even 1.4, or 1.2. (Alternatively try these priorities: 8-1,9 for dimensions 1-8, tickspeed.)

This should give you a Power up all dimensions based on slowest challenge run multiplier of around at least 2,000x.

Your Tickspeed Challenge time is (probably) now faster than your Big Crunch Challenge time. Go back to the Big Crunch Challenge, except instead of doing 1 galaxy, automate 1 boost and do 1 dimensional sacrifice with good manual timing, otherwise spamming Max all, and it will get to around 1.3 seconds.

At this point, your optimal strategy for grinding IP/min should be a 6 galaxy run:

Automatic Dimensional Boosts 0 / 10
Automatic Galaxies 6
Automatic Big Crunch 13000

You'll earn 13000 IP every 3.7 seconds, for a staggering 200k IP/min (without macroing). Again, we are not doing any boosts at all - only buying 6 galaxies, waiting ~1-2 seconds, then cashing in all of our IP. Boosts force us to buy every dimension again, and will waste too much time for too little benefit at this point in the game.

Now get the following achievements:

Blink of an Eye Fix infinity, make sure your autobuyers are 1-9 priority and not buying galaxies/boosts, then hold down M. (The M trick is faster than an autoclicker) If it doesn't work, try all performance tips. Getting this achievement will give a boost to dimensions in the first 300 ms of Infinity, and you start with 1e25 antimatter. (sidenote: this achievement will also stop disappearing and reappearing when you obtain it)
How the antitables have turned If you missed it at the first and second opportunities, this is the last chance you get for a long time. The upgrades further on will eventually make it impossible (or very hard) to get this achievement until later.
Faster than a squared potato You should get this in the middle of galaxy 6 to big crunch -lilk0408

Infinity Point 1e8: Infinity Dimensions Edit

Your focus right now is to buy all upgrades that cost 1e7 IP, then all upgrades that cost 2e7 IP - except for Generates 5% of your fastest infinity IP/min, which you should only buy when it is relatively cheap.

Once you have 1e8 IP, do not buy anything yet. Instead, set the autobuyers to the following:

Dimension Boost Autobuyer 0/6 (start buying boosts in the 6th galaxy)
Antimatter Galaxy Autobuyer 7 (buy 7 total galaxies)
Big Crunch Autobuyer off (uncheck the box)

Let the run continue (doing dimensional sacrifices at appropriate moments). As soon as you can afford it, you can now be able to click/press the button, rather than before:

Get 1e1100 antimatter to unlock a new Dimension.

Clicking this with enough antimatter will open up a new subtab under Dimensions:

Infinity Dimensions

Infinity Dimensions will appear under Dimensions, unlocking the ability to get Infinity Dimensions and further increase normal dimension multiplier. They will act like regular dimensions, but will cost IP to buy, and in return generate infinity power (giving x^7 multiplier to all normal dimensions, where x is Infinity Power). Click the button to spend 1e8 IP to buy 1st Infinity Dimension, and unlock the achievement "A new beginning". Infinity Dimensions will be a very important type of Dimension as you keep getting more IP and make more progress. (You can unlock the subtab before getting 1e8 IP, however.)

Now set up your autobuyers like this:

Dimension Boost Autobuyer 0 / 8
Antimatter Galaxy Autobuyer 7
Big Crunch Autobuyer ~120000 (1.2e5)

You should now have runs like this:

The infinity 1 infinities ago took 2.40 seconds and gave 1.20e5 IP. 3.00e6 IP/min

which is ten times as much IP/min as you were making before!

Do everything in Challenges Revisited again with your new super Infinity Dimension powers. You should be able to get every challenge down to 0.69 seconds or lower, bumping Power up all dimensions based on slowest challenge run multiplier up to at least 4373x.

Using your explosive IP/min rate, buy:

  1. Multiply infinite points from all sources by 2 (256x)
  2. Tickspeed cost multiplier increase 8x → 7x
  3. Dimension cost multiplier increase 10x → 9x

in that order. (Also, now you can buy Generate 5% of your fastest infinity IP/min if you desire.)

Now get the following achievements:

Zero Deaths

Turn off Dimension Boost/Galaxies autobuyer, turn on all other autobuyers, start challenge 3. (You can do this before you have the 1st Infinity Dimension, but it will take about 16 hours of waiting. You can do it even before you break infinity, even as early as just after your first Infinity, but it will take about 24 hours.) (With ID1, you will be able to do it instantly)
End me You should be able to by pushing challenge times down to 0.4 sec get this. No worries, you can get it later. -lilk0408

1e9 IP Edit

Once you can easily get to galaxy 8 with 0 boosts, it's now optimal for IP/min grinding to get to galaxy 8 without boosting, max boost in galaxy 8 and then crunch for 4.6e6 IP (automatic dimboosts 0/8, automatic galaxies 8).

At some point though, you're going to have to take the plunge and get the 2nd Infinity Dimension. Set Automatic Dimboosts to 0/8, Automatic Galaxies to 10 and disable Automatic Big Crunch. Manually perform dimensional sacrifice every time a boost/galaxy isn't immediately bought, and otherwise wait. After 5-6 hours, you will have at least 1e1900 antimatter. Spend the antimatter on getting the new Infinity Dimension, and then spend 1e9 IP, to unlock the 2nd Infinity Dimension. You will get more progress from it, and will produce Infinity Dimension 1, like the regular dimensions.

Once you have the 2nd Infinity Dimension and the 1e10 'Multiply infinity points from all sources by 2 512x', you should have:

Automatic DimBoosts 0/8 (max 8ths dims/galaxies required to dimboost)
Automatic Galaxies 10 (galaxies)
Automatic Big Crunch 2.58e7 IP
Expected output 6.68e7 IP/min (2.58e7 IP/23.2 sec)

Now get the following achievements:

End me Using ID2 and the M trick, you will be able to get most challenge times to 0.3-0.4 seconds. Challenges 6, 9 and 12 will be slightly slower (0.45-0.7 seconds).

1e10 IP Edit

You should now buy the 5e9 IP upgrade 'Option to bulk buy Dimension Boosts' (gives about a 2x boost, but it may depend on how many dim boosts are bought, but you will be able to buy Dimension Boosts quicker). Then, buy the IP multiplier upgrade for 1e11 IP 'Multiply infinity points from all sources by 2 (1024x multiplier)'.

The way dimension boost bulk buy works is that it will wait until it can buy that many dimension boosts at once, and then buy them all at once. (Unfortunately, you can't tell it to, say, buy the first X boosts at once, then every boost beyond that one at a time, but this won't really be a problem later.)

After you have these two upgrades, set your autobuyers up like this:

Automatic DimBoosts 0/8/18 (max 8th dims/galaxies required to dimboost/bulk bought dimboosts)
Automatic Galaxies 9 (max galaxies that autobuyer can buy)
Automatic Big Crunch 2.86e7 IP
Expected output 2.4e8 IP/min (2.86e7 IP/7.2 sec)

Now buy the 9.38e9 IP tickspeed cost multiplier upgrade 'Tickspeed cost multiplier increase 5x -> 4x' and then, when you have enough IP, buy the 4.69e10 IP tickspeed cost multiplier upgrade 'Tickspeed cost multiplier increase 4x -> 3x'. At this point, you should hit 3.5e8 IP/min with your big crunches or higher.

Next, buy ID1 level 2 for 1e11 IP (This is about a 2.5x multiplier), and will be important for getting ID3.

Now do a long run for ID3 (3rd Infinity Dimension), and buy it for 1e10 IP, taking about 2 hours. (It would have taken 8 hours if you went for it before ID1 level 2, and gives about a 1.5x multiplier, hence the delay.)

When you have reached 1e2000 antimatter, go attempt Infinity Challenge 1. It will take about 5 minutes and will boost IP/min by about 1.3x when completed (1.3x multiplier for every infinity challenge completed).

Buy 'Multiply infinity points from all sources by 2 (for) 2048x' for 1e12, and now with these changes to autobuyers, you can Big Crunch every 12.4 seconds for about 3.46e9 IP/min. (below)

Automatic DimBoosts 0/8/20 (max 8th dims/galaxies required to dimboost/bulk bought dimboosts)
Automatic Galaxies 11
Automatic Big Crunch 7.1e8 IP
Expected output 3.46e9 IP/min (7.1e8 IP/12.4 sec)

At this point, there will be a long grind to get 5e11 IP for the upgrade of Makes galaxies 50% stronger, which will skyrocket IP profits when you get it. Buying other upgrades may take longer to get 5e11 IP, but they may also benefit later. Focus on getting the galaxy upgrade, and then buy other upgrades.

5e11 IP, Inflation Era Edit

When you get enough IP, buy the Break Infinity upgrade Makes galaxies 50% stronger for 5e11. This is literally a >2000x multiplier, and you should get this before you buy anything else. After that, you can buy anything else with your profits. You can use:

Automatic DimBoosts 0 / 11 / 25
Automatic Galaxies 13
Automatic Big Crunch 3.22e12
Expected output 28.9 second crunches for 6.68e12 IP/min

You can now buy lots of upgrades and ID levels quickly, because everything will be super cheap with the galaxies upgrade, as you get more IP when Big Crunching than before.

Once you have ID1 level 3 and the 1e14 IP doubler, use:

Automatic DimBoosts 0 / 12 / 28
Automatic Galaxies 14
Automatic Big Crunch 3.3e14
Expected output 32.4 second crunches for 6.13e14 IP/min

Once you have all ID levels/upgrades costing 1e18 or less, use:

Automatic DimBoosts 0 / 12 / 32
Automatic Galaxies 16
Automatic Big Crunch 1.8e18
Expected output 2e18 IP/min

Also, you should go repeat every challenge - with 0 boosts and 0 galaxies, you should have every challenge time down to 0.12 - 0.20 seconds, even without using the M trick or similar! This will put Power up all dimensions based on slowest challenge run around at least 15075.38x. Then you can use the settings for autobuyers at a specific IP:

Unlocked everything that costs below (IP) 1e22 1e23 1e24
Automatic DimBoosts 0 / 14 / 35 0 / 15 / 35 0 / 17 / 38
Automatic Galaxies 18 19 20
Automatic Big Crunch 9.3e21 5.8e22 6.6e24
Expected output (IP/min) [2:50] 3.3e21 1.8e23 [8:00] 8e23

Alternatively, it may be just easier to disable your crunch autobuyer after 5e11 IP, because your IP will be increasing significantly and you will keep being able to get more and more, which requires updating the crunch autobuyer if it's on, which may be unnecessary to do right now. You don't have to use it with increasing IP profits.

When you get 1e5000 antimatter, you unlock IC2. However, since you don't have the necessary upgrades to reach 1e10500 antimatter right now, it's not worth it to attempt IC2. Just continue progressing.

Also, at this point you can max out "Power up all dimensions based on slowest challenge run", because of the amount of infinity power you can have at this point. You should have up to ID3 (2 purchases), and the multiplier from infinity power will be able to complete all normal challenges in less than 0.1 seconds.

Once you are around 1e26 IP, there's a 1-2 hour lull of progress that begins. Buy upgrades in this order:

  1. ID1 (x3.5)
  2. ID3 (x2.4)
  3. 1e26 IP doubler (x2)
  4. 3e26 Dimension cost multiplier increase 5x → 4x (10x!)
  5. ID2
  6. 1e27 IP doubler
  7. 1e28 IP doubler
Automatic DimBoosts 0 / 19 / 46
Automatic Galaxies 23
Automatic Big Crunch 2.1e29
Expected output 3.91e28 IP/min

After that, change your autobuyers to the following above, then buy:

  1. 1e29 ID1
  2. 1e29 IP doubler
  3. 1e30 IP doubler
  4. 2e30 Dimension cost multiplier increase 4x -> 3x

At this point, your production will start exploding again - you'll jump all the way to 1e35 in minutes. Keep crunching at higher and higher IP, and try runs between 1-10 minutes to see how much IP you get in those runs (even though you're continuing to increase in IP).

When you finally get 1e45 IP, do the following:

  • Get ID4 (takes 40-50 minutes at this point, but can take less if you grind more)
  • Complete the first 7 rows of achievements (At this point, you should only need "Error 909" in row 7 - big crunch with only one first dim on challenge 11)
  • Minimize all challenge times (get the lowest time as possible, but this was easy to do a while ago, so you should've done it then)

Continue to crunch for more and more IP and buy upgrades, until you are prepared for IC2.

When you have enough IP (preferably almost at 1e50 IP) and are ready, you can finally begin Infinity Challenge 2. It may take about 2 minutes or less, depending on how much IP and upgrades you have. When you complete it, you will now have the Dimensional Sacrifice autobuyer, which does a dimensional sacrifice at a specific threshold, and Dimensional Sacrifices are MUCH more powerful as well.

Set autobuyers to these thresholds, for now:

Dimensional Sacrifice Autobuyer 100 (100x multiplier on sacrifice)
Automatic Galaxies 33 (galaxies) (probably not needed, but your choice)

1e50 IP, Long Run Era Edit

When you reach 1e50 IP, you can upgrade the following in order:

  1. 1e50 IP doubler
  2. ID1
  3. ID3
  4. ID4
  5. ID2
  6. 1e51 IP doubler.

Crunching at galaxy 35 will take about 24 minutes and give 1.69e54 IP for 6.9e52IP/min.

When you get to buy everything up to 1e56 IP, learn the motto of this section - Long Run Era. If you think your progress is slow, go on runs with 1 more galaxy. In this case, do a 36 galaxy run (takes 4-5 hours) and you will earn ~6.8e57 IP all at once! You may have to do a lot of runs taking a few minutes or more in this section. If you want, you can do another 36 galaxy run, and after buying everything costing 1e58 IP or less, begin Infinity Challenge 3 (may take 2 hours, but you can always grind more IP and then do the challenge).

(Note: the above may be less accurate, because this can be a breeze when you are active. In fact, getting to IC4 really doesn't take long while being active, so this should be updated)

Next, buy everything up to 1e68 IP or less, then begin Infinity Challenge 4 (IC4). The following strategy may take around 10-20 minutes to pull off:

  • 0) Set dimensional sacrifice autobuyer threshold to 1e30, bulk boost buy to 10, turn off all dim (NOT tickspeed) autobuyers.
  • 1) Hold M until progress stops, then let go of M and press restart on last reset.
  • 2) Press M 3 times. Hold 8.
  • 3) Then press 7654321, hold 8 and sacrifice. Buy a galaxy/boost (buy galaxy if boost is equal to galaxy cost). If you can, go to step 1. If you can't, restart Step 3. (If you reach the goal, do a big crunch in the challenge.)

Or: Keep all autobuyers intact before the challenge. Start the challenge, and then let your autobuyers work to the maximum galaxy you can get to before you have to do it manually. Then, follow the original strategy as you would have done it. On a new galaxy, turn on autobuyers until you have to lose a reset, and then follow steps 2-3. (this is how I got 4 minutes and 58 seconds in IC4 on the first try - usavictor)

Buy everything 1e83 IP or less, then begin IC5, which can prove quite difficult, which is why there are multiple strategies on this page for you to use. 

Until the end of IC5 (considered around Galaxy 20, or 1270 8th Dimensions), use /u/hchan1's strategy:

  • Turn off bulk buy in Autobuyers
  • Turn off autobuy for tickspeed
  • Set 2nd through 7th dimension autobuyers to single buys only
  • Just hold down 8 while hitting buy max on tickspeed occasionally
  • Continue until you can't reach the next boost
PostIC5 progression

Example progression after IC5. All IDs and IP-doublers bought as soon as they are afforded.

End of IC5 (Close to Galaxy 21) strategies:
  1. /u/cerise256: Turn off all autobuyers. Buy ONE (not ten) of each dimension then repeat the sequence 8, 1, tickspeed while sacrificing until you can't buy anything anymore, then max 2, then max 3. When your next dimension 8 is above e11111, you can max dimensions 5,6 and 7 too. Turn on tickspeed autobuyer and wait for antimatter to hit e11111.
  2. /u/Patashu's AutoHotKey script that automates the manual buying section of the above:
    • Use F2 after each boost
    • Hit F3 while hovering over tickspeed buyer to start dimension buying strategy
    • Hit F4 to disable F3

Alternatively, try the GeneralYouri strat (Lengthy, but helps to complete IC5. You may use a macro to help you press the numbers, but that's up to you to decide). You may also try the SpectralFlame strat, which is slow but can work for low IP amounts:

Completing IC5 will continue the increase of IP, making galaxies 10% stronger and reducing requirements for galaxies/boosts by 1 8th dimension. This will get you over 1e100 IP as a result, but you are not done with the infinity challenges yet.

After this, continue to do ~10 minute long crunches and complete each IC as it unlocks. You can do IC6 at ~1e102 IP (tickspeed affects infinity dimensions with reduced effect), IC7 at ~1e114 IP (reward is 4x multiplier for dimensional boosts), and IC8 at ~1e129 IP (reward is dimension 2-7 multiplier is increased based on dimension 1 and 8 multipliers). (Note that 1e100x bulk buy is also over 1e127 IP varying for each autobuyer, which was mentioned earlier. Note: Getting 1e100x bulk buy gives you a secret achievement.) At 1e140 IP, you will unlock another important factor to progress.

This may have taken a few days (1-2 days) depending on progress, but the next section will take longer to get past.

1e140 IP, Replicantis Edit

Progress post replicanti

Example progress after unlocking replicanti.

At this point, you will reach 1e30000 antimatter and can unlock ID5 and Replicantis. Replicantis, now a new factor of progress to the game, will help in making more progress. Replicantis grow exponentially, to a maximum of 1.80e308/179.77 UCe (Infinity), and the more you have, the stronger infinity dimensions get, up to the maximum multiplier that you have at 1.8e308 replicanti (although this can change later in the game, close to endgame). Replicanti normally is also replicated at a slow rate, which can be improved to become faster with more IP, starting with the interval upgrades costing 1e120 IP, replicate chance upgrades costing 1e150 IP and replicanti galaxies upgrades at 1e170 IP.

Replicanti has offline progression (in some cases). Your Replicanti amount resets whenever you Infinity if you don't have the "Is this safe?" achievement (reaching Infinity replicanti in 30 minutes), or when you're entering challenges. At this point in the game, the longer your run, the more productive it is, because of that you should crunch only when you need to buy upgrades so you don't waste replicanti, and to improve the growth rate/replication percent of replicantis and max replicanti galaxies and ultimately increase progress.

When you have 1.80e308/179.77 UCe Replicantis, you can reset them for a free Galaxy, and you can do this as many times as you've bought up to the third upgrade (maximum galaxies). This Galaxy also only lasts until the next Infinity. While it doesn't increase the cost of the next Antimatter Galaxy, it still resets you to the start of a Galaxy, so don't buy it if you're about to get a new Antimatter Galaxy. Replicanti galaxies will be slow to get until you start getting more upgrades.

Around this point, medium (30-60min) runs are giving you e1-e2+ more IP and overnight runs are giving you e10-e12 more IP. The game has become more focused on being idle when you get to this point and more about Infinity Dimensions, so you may as well set bulk dimboost amount to 1 as all progress is gated by Replicanti/ID growth anyway, but it's up to you if you really want to, since it will make runs slightly longer if bulk dimboost amount is 1 at all times.

At this part of the game, you are basically playing the waiting game to e308 IP, as runs are now much slower than before as you have to wait for replicanti to build up. You will eventually get to e308 IP (even though the information below may be entirely different for you than in your experience in this section).

Once you reach 1e165 IP, get the achievement Hevipelle did nothing wrong (complete IC5 in 10 seconds or less) with /u/1234abcdcba4321 strat:

Dimension Autobuyers Buy singles (except 8th dimension which is left at buy 10)
Tickspeed Autobuyer Buy max
Autobuyer Priorities 8 / 7 / 6 / 5 / 4 / 3 / 2 / 1 / 1

(prioritize tickspeed and 8th dimension,

then all other dimensions from highest to lowest)

Spam max all. Next, get the achievement Yet another infinity reference in high boost Galaxy 62 (1.8e308x dimensional sacrifice multiplier in one sacrifice), which will be further increasing dimensional sacrifice's power.

Starting at 3e203 IP, you can do a one replicanti galaxy (RG) run that reaches e45000 antimatter and 70 galaxies to unlock ID6. Continue that run to 2 replicated galaxies, then crunch at 71 galaxies for ~7e213 IP. Now getting a replicated galaxy takes about 1.5-2 hours.

Things will start to feel like they're slowing down, but finally starting at 3e248 IP, you can do a 3 replicated galaxies + 77 galaxies run, generate 1e54445 AM and crunch for 1.89e251 IP, unlocking and purchasing ID7. Now RGs take ~42 minutes.

When you have 1.68e271 IP, a 4 replicated galaxies + 81 galaxy run (~27 minutes per replicated galaxy) will give you 1e60049 AM and crunch for 2.5e276 IP, meaning you can unlock, but not yet purchase ID8 (costing 1e280 IP). Two more 4 replicated galaxies runs will let you purchase it too.

Several runs later, you'll have 1e300 IP and can get Max Replicanti galaxies to 5, and get very close to the next prestige layer.

Several runs later, you'll finally have at least 1.79e308 IP, and are now able to Eternity, which is the purple button where the new dimension button would be (but don't do it quite yet). This entire section should have taken 4-7 days, or possibly less, depending on the type of person (either active or idle).

Eternity (1 EP - 1e17 EP) Edit

Before performing your first eternity, you should do all of the following:

Get the achievements:

  • 'I brake for NOBODY!' - Big Crunch for 1e250 IP in 20 seconds or less. Trivial, hold down M and autobuy 25ish galaxies.
  • 'Ludicrous Speed' - May be hard to get, but eventually with more progress, you can get it, by setting big crunch to 1e200, getting the most ID upgrades you can, and including replicanti. You could also do this with macro/autoclicker strategies.
  • 'Is this safe?' - Gain Infinite replicanti in 30 minutes, or less. You'll get this automatically once your Replicanti are upgraded enough. The reward is that Infinity/Big Crunch doesn't reset your replicanti amount (but it still resets your replicanti galaxies, and challenges still reset your replicanti amount).

You should also:

  • Minimize challenge times: Fix infinity, turn off dimboost and galaxy autobuyers, leave big crunch autobuyer on, use autoclicker + spam 'C' (don't hold, spam) plus spam left clicking on Big Crunch button. This will get all challenge times to 0.02-0.06 seconds or less. You should have done this already, but this is the last point in the game where you can minimize challenge times before you eternity. (Power up all dimensions based on slowest challenge run caps at 30,000x, so you will want to go for the multiplier. The capacity for the multiplier doesn't require very fast times, you can have around 0.06 seconds or less if you want.)
  • Minimize infinity challenge times: Same as above, but leave infinity broken, leave the dimboost buyer on (just for dimensional shifts) and spam M. IC4 needs ~8 galaxies, IC8 needs ~13 galaxies. Because of the slowness of IC4 and IC8, you can't get 'YES. This. Is. Hell.' yet, unless you have enough IP and autoclicker/macro strategies to get it. (You'll have a sum of about 10-12 seconds or less.)
  • Make sure you have at least 1e349 IP - it is easy to reach, and will give you 2 EP. If you want, a few extra hours of grinding will let you Eternity at 1e426 IP for 3 EP. (This will also let you get 'Ludicrous Speed' and 'YES. This. Is. Hell.'. You can try getting them at lower IP too, but by now you already can easily get them.)

Once you have possibly done all of the above things, you can Eternity. You will lose all previous progress (except achievements and statistics, that includes challenge times) in exchange for eternity points (1 if you eternitied with 1.79e308 IP), which increase with more IP. Previous challenges that you have completed done before will have to be completed again, until they are automatically completed in later eternities. You'll find that your Achievements give substantial bonuses, including starting with 1e25 AM each Infinity and massively increased IP gain, which has been already seen before in previous infinities, but now will include the 1st eternity addition of an IP autobuyer (as for getting the eternity milestone), automatically buying IP multiplier upgrades, and will have more additions as you get more milestones (up to the 100th eternity milestone). You will get the "Time is relative" achievement as the reward for doing your first eternity.

Eternity has also introduced a new type of dimension, Time Dimensions. Go to Dimensions > Time Dimensions. Spend your first EP on First Time Dimension. Time Dimensions generate time shards, which are turned into tickspeed upgrades. You must spend the 1st EP on the First Time Dimension in order to buy Time Theorems with EP, as this was an issue in the earlier versions of the game.

Now look at the Eternity tab. The Time Studies tab is a skill tree that has the currency of Time Theorems (costing Antimatter, IP or EP) that you can buy time studies, or respec (reallocate TT for other studies) every Eternity. The Eternity upgrades tab lets you spend EP to boost Infinity Dimensions based on unspent EP, the amount of times eternitied and the sum of Infinity Challenge Times or affect Time Dimensions with more multiplier, or to gain more EP. The Eternity milestones tab shows milestones that unlock more automation and quality of life stuff just by doing more eternities, up to 100 eternities.

PRO TIP: At certain points in this guide, Time Studies will be referred to by number or by path. Hold the 'Shift' key while viewing the Time Studies tab to view the Time Study numbers and path names.

When you Eternity, you will gain EP based on the log10(IP), that is, the exponent of the IP when you Eternitied. You need 308 for 1 EP, 349 for 2, 426 for 3, 481 for 4, 524 for 5 and so on, and there is also an EP multiplier which will give more EP (and could be bought without buying all the upgrades in the eternity upgrades tab).

The formula for EP gained based on IP Eternitied is floor(5^(floor(log10(IP))/308-0.7)) . The formula for IP required to get a certain amount of EP is ceil((308*log(EP)/log(5)) + 215.6). Here is a spreadsheet telling you the IP required to crunch for certain amounts of EP:

Post-Eternity IC4/IC5 strat: 1) M/D/G until you get stuck. 2) Go to autobuyers, disable bulk buy, set dimensions 2-7 to singles and in IC5 also set tickspeed to buy singles. 3) Restart from last reset. In IC4, spam 87654321 and occasionally hit M. In IC5, hold 8 and occasionally buy max tickspeed. Do manual boosts if you get stuck and eventually the challenge will succeed. If it's still too slow, get more IP first.

After doing ICs, check out the time studies tab and buying time theorems with AM and IP. Spend them on the left side. Once you have 3 unspent EP, respec before Eternitying, spend them on time theorems and take the right path, getting TS42 'Galaxy requirement goes up 52 8ths instead of 60' (costs 6 Time Theorems). Then get TS51 'you gain 1e15 times more IP' (costs 3 Time Theorems) when you can.

Continue to do Eternities at 2-3 EP. Each Eternity Milestone will trivialize more of the early game of an Eternity. Get more time studies, continuing to go down the right side path. Getting x1e15 IP multiplier from TS51 is a HUGE boost, as is TS61 (10x more EP, costs 3 Time Theorems) and get Time Dimension 2 (TD2) when it is cheap.

When you get milestone 5E 'unlock more big crunch autobuyer options' which gives 'X times since last crunch' and seconds to big crunch, set it to 'X times since last crunch' and 1e10. As your Eternities get faster move it to 1e15, 1e20, 1e25 and finally it should be 1e50 (or higher if possible later on). Set max dimboost interval to 0.2, max galaxies interval 0.1 as you get those milestones (don't set to 0 or it won't buy the maximum amount). Make sure to turn every ID autobuyer and replicanti autobuyer on. At 7 eternities, you don't have to complete infinity challenges manually anymore. When you Eternity under 30 seconds, you will get the "That wasn't an eternity" achievement and always start Eternities with 2e25 IP. Buy time dimensions, eternity upgrades and time theorems when they are cheap. You will get more eternity milestones, until finally at milestone 100E, where you can automate eternities at 140 EP - you should be performing eternities every 15-20 seconds for 450-600 EP/min. In time studies 3-way fork 1, take the middle if you can afford one upgrade, or the left path if you can afford two.

Buy everything costing 5e3 EP or less, then do a 'long' (5-10 minute) run to buy TTs to fill out 3-way fork 1 left path. Crunch at x1e25, set dimboost/galaxy to 0.2/0.1 and Eternity at 1,200 EP for 1e3-1.1e3 EP/min. Alternate grinding EP/min and doing long runs for more TTs, continuing down the middle part in 3-way fork 2 and then finally the white 'diamond' at the end, steadily raising the X IP you crunch at (to as high as x1e55), buying x5 EP multipliers and spending spare EP on time dimensions when they are cheap. Once you have everything costing less than 1e13 EP, Eternity at 5.5e11 EP with crunches at x1e55 for 6.68e11 EP/min, and continue on from there.

While doing this, you can complete the following achievements (these are just the ones you need something special for):

  • "Do you really need a guide for this?": Be sure to do two infinities under 4.9 seconds. If you can't do this, respec out of time study 32, and you can get up to 8 infinities of that length.
  • "We could afford nine": Turn off replicanti upgrade autobuyers, and wait for your replicanti amount to hit 9, then eternity. Without replicanti upgrades, you should have enough time to do this. You might get lucky and get this achievement in earlier eternities.
  • "Never again": This means you need to get a sum of IC times of 0.75 seconds or less. To do this, do all ICs at higher amounts of IP to big crunch in these challenges in a very small interval, basically get the smallest time records possible and minimize your record times. The reward is that the cap for ID multiplier based on IC challenge times is slightly higher, up to a multiplier of 6.38x14, and it happens at a sum of 0.61 seconds - you will have to do ICs later (unconfirmed)

At this point you should generally be using either the Active path, or the Idle path (of the second 3-way fork of the tree, hold 'shift' to see the id/names of the Time Studies).

  • The Idle path is strongest during periods of slow growth, or when you're away for long periods (such as overnight or at work) and should be used for runs where the final infinities last at least fifteen minutes. It also combos well with Time Dimensions path.
  • The Active path is strongest during periods of rapid growth, such as when you've unlocked a new Time Study, and is normally best when used for infinities that last less than three minutes. When starting an Active run, be sure to do exactly 10 eternities without time studies as quickly as possible, to maximize the EP multiplier. Much later in the game even this won't help, but if your growth is rapid enough it won't actually matter. Don't forget that you'll need to manually buy your replicanti galaxies (hold the 'R' key)! This is the path you want to grind Eternities-a big boost to IP, and Replicanti are not relevant that early on.
  • Finally, the Passive path can be used as a weaker alternative to the Active path during strong growth, or if your runs will end before you can buy all of your max replicanti galaxies (such as during a later challenge). The passive path will allow you to set up a sort of automated EP generation with a properly configured eternity auto-buy setting, without the need to manually buy replicanti galaxies or run 10 quick eternities before each run. This is only viable for shorter periods of time (i.e. not overnight), and only for smaller numbers of galaxies. Eventually the 10% hit to galaxy effectiveness compared to the other two paths will be too significant.

Once you have enough to buy Time Study 171 with ID path, you should start using the TD path instead, which is the right path of 3-way fork 1.

Before leaving this section, you should focus on grinding eternities. As you can see, to unlock EC1, you need 20,000 eternities, and that number only gets higher with further completions of that challenge. This is also beneficial, because there is an eternity upgrade that increases based on eternities - the fact that EC1's unlock requirement is eternities was meant to tell you that you should get that upgrade's power up anyway. Grind eternities whenever you're AFK or overnight, until you get at least 100,000. This will allow you to cap the second eternity upgrade, which will help you now, and to unlock EC1x5 later. Later on in the game, you will have to grind more for Time Study 193, which caps at ~1,012,680 eternities, but the increase in the multiplier will be worth it. You may grind eternities now if you want, but keep in mind that it will take a while to get 1 million eternities.

Finally, buy "Your achievement bonus affects time dimensions" for 1e16 EP - by this time you should have 10 rows of achievements done, giving your TDs an effective 57.6x multiplier.

Achievements you should have gotten by this point:

  • At ~e4 EP: "8 nobody got time for that" - Using whatever upgrades you have, but if you can get an IP mult, forgo other multipliers to get that. Turn off 1st-7th autobuyers, and hold "Shift+8" (if you don't do this, you will not buy any dimensions). This will take <2 minutes, and even less if you have gone further up in EP before attempting it. If you have gotten enough TT, you will want to have Active, as its the largest IP boost (these will be fast infinities).
  • At ~e12 EP: "Do I really need to infinity" - Respec Time Studies tree, DON'T get study 32 and continue buying other time studies as normal without study 32/33, and you must get enough IP (at least 1.8e308) to eternity in 5 seconds, which setting the big crunch autobuyer to 1.8e308 or higher (X times last crunch, as you will have to fix it every time you fail otherwise) and have eternity autobuyer on at 0 EP. Getting 1.8e308 IP in a single infinity in under 5 seconds will get only 1 infinitied stat and performing eternity after that will get the achievement. (Sort of like the "Do you need a guide for this" achievement, but you need to do it with 1 infinitied stat). Getting this achievement will give multiplier to IP based on infinities, which will be important in some cases. Active path is crucial for this achievement.

1e17 EP - Early to Mid Eternity ChallengesEdit

At this point, you should be able to start Eternity Challenge 1. Eternity Challenges are a new type of challenges that are similar to Infinity Challenges, but the goal is to reach a specified amount of IP with a condition, then eternity. The rewards for finishing the Eternity Challenges will help in how much EP and progress you make. In addition, each EC can be completed up to 5 times, with each one being more difficult than the rest - generally having higher IP goals, but the rewards are higher as well up to the 5th time you beat the EC. You could beat a EC more than 5 times, but there will be no reward and no change to the difficulty. If you had bought eternity challenges and respec your time studies when you eternity, you don't need to get the required resources for the challenge, but you cannot have 2 EC unlocked at the same time, so pick wisely for which challenge you will buy.

The advice at this point is to get more Time Theorems to be able to get more Eternity Challenges to complete for more bonuses. Some can be done at this time with partial upgrades as the Eternity Challenges can cost a lot, but as you progress further, you won't have to have partial upgrades for the challenges, as you'll end up being able to buy more Time Theorems, and get more EP with more time studies.

On your first completion of EC1, you may not be able to afford a full tree - this is okay. Just use ID/idle or ID/active paths (depending on your preference, either an idle player or active player) and cut out things that aren't required to reach time study 171 based on how many TT you have, which you must have to purchase the challenge for 30 TT. Also, while you're doing EC1, go to the infinity challenges tab and start an IC of your choosing - this gets you the achievement "I wish I had gotten 7 eternities" - and then exit the IC.

After doing EC1, you can do EC2 with TD path and idle path. After that you might push, then do EC1, completion 2, with a full tree or very nearly so, and then do EC3, again with TD and the Idle path.

By then, you're ready for EC4. This is probably the most annoying and long part of unlocking challenges, by far. What you have to do to unlock it is to set your crunch autobuyer to at least 5 seconds, and make sure you have time study 32. You'll earn something like 200,000 infinitied stat every 5 seconds, so in 40 minutes to an hour you'll have the 100 million infinities you need. However, the game window must be open while doing this. (Get used to it now - you'll have to get more infinities for the challenge later.) For EC4, you'll want TD/idle paths, as that's what lets you push the furthest. At 100,000,000 infinities and 70 spare TT, you can buy EC4x1 and can attempt it. More difficult versions of EC4 require more infinitied grinding, which will take more time to unlock the challenge.

However, before attempting EC4 "for real", you should fail it at least once. To do this, keep crunching until the message pops up that says you failed. This will get you the achievement "You're a mistake", which doesn't really do anything, but just for completing row 11. (This and EC12 are the only challenges that can be failed, and you can't get EC12 until much later.) (There is also a secret achievement for this)

While doing ECs, you'll sometimes want to do a long run for more TT. Generally, a good rule to follow is this: If you can't do anymore ECs, you probably should buy more TT and other upgrades. If you can't buy any more upgrades/TTs, you probably need to do more ECs, or grind for more progress and TT if some ECs may be difficult. Since ECs vary in difficulty, you will have to use different paths in the tree and different strategies. (this reddit post for some help with ECs)

After EC4, you should be able to do EC1x3, and then do EC5. for your first completion of EC5, you'll be very, very short on studies, but this is not a big deal - I (Username5243) managed to do it with the TD path down to study 83 and nothing else. A benefit of doing this is that after completing your first EC5 you will be able to purchase time study 62 which speeds up replicanti growth significantly.

After EC5, you should be able to do both EC2, completion 2, and EC3, completion 2. After these two, you should be able to do EC6. For EC6, you are forced to take the active path due to the challenge's location in the tree, and you should also take the ID path. After doing EC6, you should then be able to do EC4, completion 2, unlocking it in similar way to EC4 the first time.

After EC6, you should be able to do EC7. For the challenge, it is recommended to take the ND path, but if you are having trouble reaching the required antimatter amount, you can switch to ID path, respec, and still purchase the challenge. EC7x1 should be quite easy to beat.

After EC7, you should be able to do EC3, completion 3, followed by EC1, completion 4. After this keep going - you should be able to do EC5, completion 2, followed by EC6, completion 2, both fairly easily, followed by EC2, completion 3.

After this, you can try EC4x3 (with more grinding for infinities), and then EC3x4.

When you reach the point where you can get EC4x5, you will eventually need to grind for more TT, as EC4x5 can only be beaten with studies up to study 181 right now (Gain 1% of IP gained on crunch each second, 200 TT). This is sort of an important thing to do, because after study 181 is more expensive time studies (and endgame), which will require more EP and other resources. Study 181 is very powerful, as you will get a lot of IP very fast without having to Big Crunch, which is why it is required for EC4x5. There is a point where the IP starts slowing down in production (probably after a few minutes of the infinity) with close to 1% of the IP on big crunch, but it will depend. With this study, you can be able to easily beat challenges and make more progress faster. This will be important for getting to 1e50 EP. Study 181 is also important for getting the achievement "Like feasting on a behind". The 200 TT cost may be too much right now, but it will not matter as much as other expensive studies later on. (You may want to not buy Study 181 in some cases, like saving up TT for a challenge)

Like feasting on a behind - Using Time Study 181, you must disable all autobuyers and macros used to buy dimensions, and don't press M (max all) at all. You will have to wait long for 1e100 IP, which is over an hour, and without doing anything. At exactly 2 hours and around 11 minutes of idling with no dimensions/infinities (usavictor's experience) with this time studies tree layout of 11,21,22,31,32,33,41,42,51,61,62,73,83,93,103,111,123,133,143,151,162,171,161,181|0, you will finally get the achievement, at 1e100 IP.

OR: Enter Automatic Big Crunches challenge. Purchase 2nd, 4th, 6th or 8th dimension, and with Time Study 181, you will easily get the achievement. Since 1st dimensions are not produced by the 2nd dimension, you can easily get this achievement without having to wait.

The reward, however, is familiar to Time Study 143. If you are going to use the waiting method, it is time consuming, so let the game tab run in the background while you do other things. After you complete this achievement, you can do other stuff. (should be preferably done right away after you get study 181 - usavictor) This achievement may take longer than this duration, as it depends on the achievements you already have (which this experience had 11 rows of achievements already completed) and IP multiplier.

Other Achievements in Row 11:

  • "Long lasting relationship" - It can be a tough achievement, but if you put timing into when you should buy a infinity dimension, with enough IP, you can achieve it. First, you should get at least 1e1000 IP (to be safe), and turn off all ID autobuyers (Alternatively, you can let ID2-8 autobuyers stay on, and buy only ID1 manually; this may work better for some players). If you do not turn off ID autobuyers, since the autobuyers will buy the maximum amount of ID's possible, attempts for getting this achievement will not work. You should also only buy ID1, as other IDs can cost higher IP than your IP balance, and ID1 only has a IP increase of 3 zeroes, while other ID's cost increment are bigger than that. You can buy an ID around a half second, and you should keep this going for at least 60 seconds. If Marathon2 (the infinity power exceeding production variable found in the console) is at 60 or over 60 (seconds), you get the achievement. This can be done at any point over 1e19 IP.
  • "IT'S OVER 9000" - Self explanatory, as at some point, a very high antimatter amount around 1e900,000 and 1e1,000,000 can get enough sacrifice multiplier (buying enough dimensions/having around 1e4800 IP by that point (actually may be around 1e939,000 - usavictor (without sacrifice better scaling time study)) After getting this achievement, waiting for 100x multiplier may not be as important anymore than it was than the 1st time you finished IC2 (since dimensions don't get reset by sacrifices anymore with this achievement), so you can set the sacrifice autobuyer threshold to 1.01 or 1.
  • "Yo dawg, I heard you liked infinities" - Set big crunch autobuyer to X times last crunch mode, and the threshold should be at least 1.8e308 IP. You may need a IP amount around 1.8e308 or at least the lowest IP amount you can get that is greater than 1.8e308 IP, and then keep big crunching by 1.8e308 times from there until 10 infinities with at least 1.8e308 times more IP than the last infinity are done. The reward is that antimatter will not reset on dimension shift/boost and on galaxy.

You should still follow the order of the Eternity Challenges to increase power, and try to achieve some achievements in row 12. You can get the 1e40 EP Time Dimension upgrade that multiplies TDs by TT, and the 1e50 EP Time Dimension upgrade that multiplies TDs by days played (could be powerful depending on the amount of time you spent on the game) later on.

When you're leaving this section, you should have:

  • All row 11 achievements, some row 12 achievements (maybe only 1 or 2)
  • EC1-EC6 completions (complete 5 times for each challenge), some EC7/EC8 completions (at least 2)
  • Over 400 TT, over 130,000 eternities, total antimatter produced is over 1e2,000,000, and can get over 1e10,000 IP. Challenge times don't really matter anymore, as there may not be much of any purpose for them after this point.

1e50 EP - Mid to Late Eternity Challenges Edit

When you hit the 1e50 EP mark, you should have already done achievements up to "It's Over 9000" (completed achievements up to row 11), with row 12 achievements yet to be claimed (or partially some achievements in row 12). Additionally, you should have completed the first six eternity challenges 5 times, and you should also have at least two completions of EC7 and two completions of EC8. There should also be at least 400 time theorems bought.

When you reach 1e50 EP, you're initially doing the long haul. Keep trying to get as much EP as you can on a single run, and it should gradually be an increasing income. The paths TD/Active may be powerful for grinding EP, at some point that it may increase EP faster than TD/Idle (depends on the person/their save), but it will be important.

Possible EC8 strategy for 8x3/8x4:

  1. Buy all time studies up to Study 123, don't buy Study 133, buy EC8 and start EC8
  2. Get the most IP you possibly can, buy only ID1 for the 46 purchases (ID5-8 is considered a purchase, only one for each of them)
  3. Replicanti: Buy 9% replicate chance, 10-13 galaxies, the rest of available purchases in interval
  4. Wait until you have maximum replicanti galaxies, then buy every possible time study you can, including Study 133, and your IP will increase.
  5. If IP reaches goal, you beat the challenge.

Row 12 achievements in this margin (only some, varying in difficulty):

  • Eternities are the new Infinity: Should eventually be trivial, either you can get them through autobuy, click on big crunch a few times, etc. (can be done way before 1e50 EP, with 1e100 times big crunch, ID/active path, just do your usual grinding technique, just changed to get fast enough to get under 200 ms eternities, and with a fast update rate in settings)
  • Popular music - At least 1 normal galaxy required, also will be able to get eventually with more EP and TT, just involves management with replicanti galaxies (180 of them to be exact). Getting 1 normal galaxy and 180 replicanti galaxies should be the easiest way to get this achievement, with Active path. This achievement reward will now have replicanti galaxies now only divide replicanti by "Infinity" (179.77UCe/1.80e308 or the maximum value in the console) rather than resetting replicanti to 0. This is only useful for uncapped replicanti, as capped replicanti will not make a difference in what happens when you get a replicanti galaxy.
  • Can you get infinite IP? - You will get this at high EP, and other multipliers to dimensions that will get very high IP. The achievement will be earned at 1e30008 IP, most likely acquired after beating EC10 and getting some of the time studies after it.
  • 5 more eternities until the update - Beat 50 unique eternity challenge tiers, eventually achieved throughout your journey to higher EP. You cannot beat an EC 6 times, so you have to beat ECs 1-10 5 times, because you cannot really beat EC11 or EC12 before getting more TT.
  • But I wanted another prestige layer... - You will also eventually get this achievement, before 5 more eternities until the update. You get this at 1.80e308 EP. However, you don't stop at 1.80e308 EP, and there is more content after 1.80e308 EP.
  • What do I have to do to get rid of you - Reach 1e22000 IP with no time studies (This will be easy with a few completions of EC11). This gives a reward of TDs being multiplied by the number of Time Studies you have. This also has to do with enough progression and EP.

Eternity Challenge 8, completion 3 (1.06e56 EP, 482TT) (Goal: 1e3100 IP): No replicanti galaxies needed, simply have your points allocated to generating replicanti rather than the galaxies. (although there are different approaches as to how you beat EC8x3)

Eternity Challenge 9 can be attempted as soon as you an access it (2.37e63 EP, 535TT) (Goal: 1e1750 IP): Should be grabbed within 2 minutes with TD/Active. You can complete it's second run (Goal: 1e2000 IP) via TD/Idle around 2.60e66 EP, 572TT, and the third run (Goal: 1e2250 IP) with TD/Active (2.51e78 EP, 669TT).

Eternity Challenge 8, completion 4 (9.72e73 EP, 621TT) (Goal: 1e4000 IP): You only need one replicanti galaxy, as that likely provides a boost of e40+ IP, and should be enough to bring you to the quota.

Eternity Challenge 9, completion 4 (5.40e87 EP, 749TT) (Goal: 1e2500 IP): At this point, you have enough to get the 1% along with the challenge. Clearing this challenge should also be easy at this point, even if there's a small wait.

EC8x5 (completion 5): (Goal: 1e4900 IP) Past techniques for EC8 will not work here, so you need to do a new technique for the fifth completion. In this technique, you have to buy at least 13 RGs to complete it. For the rest of your purchases, buy replication chance upgrades up to 10% and the rest in interval, if possible. ID purchases should be on ID1.

When you hit 1e100 EP, the purchases for the eternity boosts and time dimensions start to slow down, as they have increased in price. However, you likely are in the period where you can clear EC8x5 (completion 5) without breaking a sweat. Effectively, you will cap out at 5e111 EP, thus you will need to try cracking one of the last challenges before continuing. Your next step would be to complete EC10, which is a matter of patience in trying to build up the Infinitied stat, and 500,000,000 infinities can be enough, but it may be different for each person. You can get at least at least 100,000,000 infinities and try to get it. If you can't, grind more infinities and then try to reach the goal.

After beating EC10 once, you get access to the 3rd 3 way path on the time study tree, which leads to the endgame, and has more time studies. These time studies are very powerful, as it will help make more progress (more antimatter, IP, EP) and help complete the Row 12 achievements.

At this point, you should begin to get a lot of Time Theorems. Uncapped replicanti (TS 192) is one of the time studies, costing 730 Time Theorems, and allows you to get past 1.8e308 replicanti, with an increasing period of ticks (when replicanti replicates) as you get more replicanti past 1.8e308, and will help in challenges (It's like breaking infinity, but now on replicanti).

To the left of TS192 is TS191, where 5% of infinities on eternity become banked infinities (and can help increase EC10's reward and other infinitied factors permanently), and to the right is TS193, normal dimension boost based on eternities, with the maximum being 1e13000x multiplier (around 1,012,680 eternities). You will have to grind eternities again until that point, but you will be able to get a larger boost from it, taking at least a few hours. Setting update rate to 33 ms, and making a setup for grinding eternities will be important. When you have more eternities (around 500,000 or more), you can increase the update rate a little (up to 37 ms) to optimize grinding for eternities. Once you reach the maximum amount of eternities required for the multiplier, you can finally stop grinding (and set update rate to 33 ms). (There may not be a purpose for grinding after this point)

EC10x2 seems to require 6,000,000,000 on the Infinitied stat, although it really depends on the save (the save's stats). You should still grind for infinities and check to see if you can reach the goal, along with preparing enough EP and other things. (Goal: 1e3300 IP)

EC7x5 (Goal: 1e4120 IP) should be done after completing EC10 once, since it is sort of really difficult to get enough IP before EC10, with attempts to complete EC7x5 only could reach around 1e3920 IP or less (depends). (According to the EC guideline chart)

EC10x3 can be completed when you can first unlock uncapped replicanti. In this case, it can become a waiting game when with the Idle track, although you may want to disable auto-galaxy for the challenge. Remember to still build up the infinities stat. (Goal: 1e3600 IP)

EC10x4 (2,173 TT) (Goal: 1e3900 IP) Time Study 213 and 214 will make this completion very easy, which the increase of replicanti growth and larger sacrifice boost for 8th dimension will help get enough IP.

Around beating EC10x4/EC10x5, having over 2400TT can get all the possible time studies, up to row 214. Reaching 1.8e308 EP is easy, however, the cost for TDs and EP multiplier has increased yet again, but it is way higher than when you reached 1e100 EP, and you won't be able to buy them until later on, but the cost will still be reasonable. Buying TT with EP is still as normal. The possible only way to progress faster is to now utilize study 201 to your advantage (900TT), and utilizing 2 paths from the 1st split will become very powerful, resulting in a major progress boost, as you get more TT and EP.

Eventually, you will have to change some time studies for more progress in exchange for TT, but you can get the progress needed for the studies back eventually. You can use this setup if you have enough TT (over 3300TT), but it will work in getting more TT in some way.(11,21,22,31,32,33,41,42,51,61,62,73,83,93,103,111,121,131,141,151,162,161,171,181,192,191,193,212,223,232|0)

EC10x5 (7.20e316 EP, 2884TT) (Goal: 1e4200 IP, you could get "5 more challenges until the update" achievement here) Grind infinities, and get enough multiplier to get the goal. After you beat this, you're ready for the next section.

EC11 and EC12 are not able to be accessed until you beat EC10 (and get the time studies necessary for EC11/12), so you may have to grind to get to the eternity challenges, but you're probably only a few eternities away from 1e400 EP (if you are grinding EP), and by that time you will have enough TT to get enough EC11/EC12.

When leaving this section, you should have:

  • More than 1e300 EP, around at least 4,000 TT, and at least 1,012,680 eternities (if you want, but is recommended)
  • EC1 to EC10 with 5 completions for each challenge.
  • All achievements up to some or all of row 12.

1e400 EP - Late to End of Eternity Challenges Edit

When you begin to reach 1e400 EP, the beginning of this part can be done with some fine tuning of the time theory tree: 11,21,22,31,33,32,42,41,51,62,61,73,83,93,103,111,123,133,143,151,161,162,171,181,191,211,212,223,232,221,193,213,214|0 (3912TT setup).

There are some other possible setups for this point, but some of the setups may not work for getting more EP.

11,21,22,31,32,33,41,42,51,61,62,73,83,93,103,111,121,131,141,151,161,162,171,181,191,193,212,223,232,213,226,214,211|0 (3912 TT)

11,21,22,31,32,33,41,42,51,61,62,73,83,93,103,111,121,131,141,151,161,162,171,181,191,193,211,214,212,223,227,232,234|0 (4212 TT)

At this point, you should have most of the challenges done (5 challenges of the past 10 eternity challenges), and up to some or all of the row 12 achievements. You can continue grinding for EP, but at some point you will have to do the other challenges. There will be some sort of difficulty in trying to make setups that let you push. (you will need to change up the setups a little)

Setups from the discord server:

Production: 11,22,21,33,31,32,42,41,51,61,62,73,83,93,103,111,123,133,143,151,162,161,171,181,192,201,72,82,92,102,191,193,214,213,212,211,224,232,222,228,234,226|0

Long Runs: Use 225 instead of 226. Above e1200 EP: use 227 instead of 228 in all production runs.

EC11x1-3: 11,22,21,33,31,32,42,41,51,61,62,71,81,91,101,111,121,131,141,151,161,162,171,181,191,192,193,213,212,211,222,231,223,225,233|11

EC11x3-5: Same as above but Idle path:


EC12: 11,22,21,33,31,32,42,41,51,61,62,73,83,93,103,111,122,132,142,151,162,161,171,181,191,193,211,212,213,214,228,234,224,232,222,226|12

EC11 has all dimension multipliers disabled except from Infinity power and dimensional boosts, and EC12 "makes" the game perform at a 1,000 times slower rate (with each second counting as a thousandth of a second), but really only affects the numbers. (EC12 can be failed as well)

EC11 and EC12, however, cost only 1 time theorem, unlike the other challenges you've faced before. They are still tough to conquer, with their own difficult parts of the challenge.

You may do EC11 first in this section (Goal: 1e500 IP) with the EC11 setups (if you've got enough), and may take a few hours to complete EC11 entirely (5 completions).

If you get stuck at 1e430 EP, respec to get Time Study 232 (Galaxies are more effective based on non-replicated galaxies) at the expense of Time Study 213 (You gain replicanti 20 times faster). Then when you reach 1e546 EP, remove 'You gain replicanti 20 times faster' again to get 'Dimensional boost costs scale by another 2 less'. Later, you can get all of the time studies after EC10 with more time theorems.

EC12, is the last eternity challenge, with the difficulty being the part where "the game is 1,000x slower" (but actually affects production). You can only use the TD path (and since the RGs take longer to get), you have to use the passive path (middle path). This challenge can be completed at higher EP if you cannot currently beat EC12 (although 1e1300 EP is enough for 12x5).

Goal: 1e110,000 IP in 1 second, goal increases by 1e12,000 IP and decreases in time by 0.2 seconds for each completion (lowest is at 0.1 seconds).

If you're having trouble with EC12x5, then go ahead and complete the "When will it be enough?" achievement, to double your production of how fast you generate replicanti galaxies during the challenge. Do this as a normal Production run, but once your initial progress slows down (~15-20 minutes in) switch to doing 5 second auto-crunches with auto-replicanti galaxies disabled. Since this will take about 26 hours, you will also be able to complete "No ethical consumption", and likely "Unique snowflakes" as well.

After you beat EC12x5, you should have over 1e1300 EP (when you beat it), got all achievements up to row 12 and some in row 13, and 5 completions of ECs 1-12.

1e1300 EP Edit

This is the point where TD prices and EP multiplier price increases again, to over 1e1400 EP, and you cannot really get to that point yet at this point. However, there is a new way to make progress after 1e1300 EP.

If you want to keep doing progress, import this build in Time Studies tab: (At this point, you should have a time studies setup like this) 


With the June 2018 update, there is a new feature that will continue your progress after 1e1300 EP, called Time Dilation. Getting Time Dilation is deemed necessary to increase progress, which without it will cause you to be stuck at around 1e1300 EP or more.

Time Dilation Edit

Time Dilation costs 5,000 Time Theorems (which are taken away permanently) and any necessary time studies up to that point. You must have done Eternity Challenges 11x5/12x5 before you can unlock Time Dilation, and you must have at least 13,000 TT in total (around ~e1315 EP). Once you do finally get to unlock Time Dilation, you get a new section in the eternity tab, and are presented with a new screen of upgrades, and are able to dilate time (which are new features).

Once you dilate time for the first time, you will get a new achievement in the row 13 of achievements ("I told you already, time is relative"). The exponent of Dimension/ID/TD and tickspeed multipliers are reduced to ^0.75 of the normal values while you are dilating time. However, you receive a new currency called Tachyon Particles which produce dilated time. Getting enough dilated time will give free galaxies (another overpowered source of progress) and also allows you to purchase new upgrades that will progress you further. Because of that, you will need to dilate time for tachyon particles every now and then.

Recommended study tree setup for first dilated time run: ND/ID + Idle (Active loses IP multi too fast) + 222, 223, 225, 228, 232 and 233. Whatever you use for dilated runs after this is up to you, but idle will have more progress than active in the long run (for getting the maximum tachyon particles possible).

Switch to 234 when it becomes more effective than 233. You may also want to eventually change 225 with 226 because getting replicanti will become slower as there is more replicanti, and you may not be able to make much progress with more replicanti galaxies.

Due to dilated time being a currency produced by a constant source, which upgrades you spend your dilated time on first isn't a massive deal, but buy those upgrades whenever you get access to them, and I'd recommend buying the galaxy threshold multiplier decrease last for the sake of speed, so that you do not waste any dilated time and any possible dilated time upgrade. Don't forget to go for another dilated run each time you buy a x3 tachyon multiplier, as well as focusing on normal runs every now and then for more EP, which will help you a lot when you go back to dilated runs.

The order of upgrades should go like this: 3x TP upgrade (if possible, but recommended) -> Double dilated time generation -> Galaxy threshold multiplier decrease.

At a certain point, you will be able to get your replicanti upgraded enough that it will be much more advantageous to use the Active path. Once you get to this phase of the game, the IP and EP multipliers from these paths don't really matter because you're getting so many OoM so quickly, so therefore the big difference in the 2 paths is the replicanti production rate, as well as the greater replicanti multiplier due to the synergy between the Active and ID paths. You will have a lot of replicanti galaxies that benefit the Active path more than the Idle path. The upgrade allowing you to get ND/ID/TD paths will also help increase production.

When you reach 1e15 dilated time, you can get access to an upgrade that allows you to passively generate Time Theorems, based on the amount of tachyon particles. This is fairly OP at the moment, so remember to buy it as soon as possible after you get to that amount. With these generated Time Theorems, you will eventually gain access to the Time Studies that unlock TD5-8, which are extremely powerful, and will make your numbers skyrocket. At this point, buying TT will not make as much of a difference, as you produce more than you can buy, and you don't have to buy TT anymore.

Row 13 achievements:

  • No ethical consumption: Get 5,000,000,000 banked infinities. All you have to do is farm for infinities until you get enough banked infinities (can take at least 100,000,000,000 infinities), which will take from hours to days. When you get this achievement, you can get more banked infinities from it. You could have done this earlier, right when you were able to get banked infinities, but you can do it at this point as well.
  • Unique snowflakes: Progress related achievement. Disable auto replicanti galaxies, and buy regular galaxies. Galaxies gained from Dilated Time are allowed to be used, making this an easy achievement in this stage of the game.
  • I never liked this infinity stuff anyway: You must not buy any IDs or IP multipliers, but the IP multiplier dilated time upgrade will be enough to help get enough IP up to 1e140,000 IP. The reward is not to be confused with the 7 eternity milestone though, as it unlocks the infinity challenges right away which saves 1 tick, unlike the 7 eternity milestone completing ICs when unlocked.
  • When will it be enough?: This is a very simple achievement, an achievement that may have been already achieved if you were far into the lategame of April 2018, although you could get this achievement way before that. It takes about 20 or more hours to get this achievement, assuming that you are not buying any RGs and are at maximum replicate chance and interval, and have Time Study 192 and 213.
  • Faster than a potato^286078: Progress related achievement. You will eventually get enough IP/EP to get 1e8,296,262 ticks per second, but it will take some time to get it. (This achievement used to be under a different name)
  • Now you're thinking with dilation!: Progress related achievement, which with enough EP multiplier and other progress factors, you will get this achievement. You need 1e600 EP earned on an eternity in dilation under 1 minute to get this achievement.
  • This is what I have to do to get rid of you: Progress related achievement, respec time studies and go into dilation. With enough IP multiplier, you can get this achievement with no time studies. (This is a reference to row 12's last achievement)

Current endgame (current units: Eternity Points, Tachyon Particles, and Dilated Time) Edit

The "endgame" is the point in AD where any progression in OoM (Order of Magnitude) of endgame units (see above) increases so slowly, it takes multiple weeks to get anywhere.

The current endgame is caused by several factors: From 800 normal galaxies, the cost for new galaxies begins to rise exponentially for 8th dimensions. (Remote Antimatter Galaxies) From e4000 EP, there is another price increase for the EP Multiplier (but Time Dimension costs are not affected), and from there, the cost starts to grow exponentially for every purchase. The rate at which you can buy dilated time upgrades will also be quickly outstripped by their rising costs, and you will produce dilated time slowly for the upgrades. At this point, buying dilated time upgrades may not be worth it for your progress.

Your "final" endgame values will be roughly around or at least 1e300,000,000 antimatter, 1e4,000 EP (getting over 1e5,000 EP is possible, some players have even reached over 1e6,000 EP), 1,000,000,000 (1e9) tachyon particles, and around 1e18 - 1e22 dilated time.

Once you reach this point, you can either keep playing to grind for banked infinities or other things; start an entirely new game, modded or not; or just take a break until the next update. :)

Reality Edit

Coming soon...