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Like Challenges, there are also Eternity Challenges, where the goal is to reach a certain amount of IP, then Eternity. However, Eternity Challenges require different criteria to be met for each challenge and cost Time Theorems to unlock before attempting. For the first five times you complete each challenge, the requirement, goal, and reward increase, but beyond that, nothing will change.

You can purchase an upgrade past an eternity challenge on the time study tree after one clear of the challenge, without needing to repurchase the challenge; though you still need to purchase the upgrade before the challenge. (except for EC11/EC12)

Upon completion of an Eternity Challenge, your Time Studies tree will be automatically respecced. As a result, imagine the Time Theorem cost of a challenge as a 'loan' that is returned to you upon completion.

Rewards are permanent - you do not have to have the challenge unlocked to keep/use the reward.

In the table below:

n in the reward and requirement refers to the amount of times that particular challenge has been completed, up to 5.

You will not receive the reward for clearing until the first clear, even if the value from the reward exceeds 1.

Number Unlock Requirement Cost (TT) End Point Base End Point Increase Description Reward Details
1 20,000n eternities301e18001e200Time Dimensions are disabledMultiplier for all Time Dimensions (based on time spent this Eternity) Time spent in eternity (s*120)0.4+(n*0.06)
2 1,300+150n

tickspeed upgrades from

time dimensions.

351e9751e175Infinity Dimensions are disabled. Infinity power affects 1st Infinity Dimension with reduced effect, Currently: ()x max(1,min(1e1250,(infinity power)0.02/(7-n)))
3 17,300+1,250n 8th dimensions401e6001e75Dimensions 5-8 don't produce anything.

Dimensional sacrifice is disabled.

Increase the multiplier for buying 10 dimensions, Currently: ()x Adds 0.72n to the previous multiplier. See [] for more details.
4 100,000,000+50,000,000n infinities701e27501e550All infinitied stat multipliers and generators are disabled. You must complete the challenge in 20-4n infinities or less. (at least 0 infinities) Infinity Dimension multiplier from unspent IP, Currently: ()x min(1e200,IP0.003+0.002n)

2 Million Infinities achievement reward, infinitiedGeneration Infinity Upgrade, and Time Study 32 are disabled.

5 160+14n galaxies1301e7501e400Galaxy cost increase scaling starts instantly (Normally at 100 galaxies).

Dimension boost costs scaling is massively increased.

Galaxy cost scaling starts () galaxies later. 5n
6 40+5n replicated galaxies851e850 1e250 You can't gain galaxies normally,

but the cost of upgrading your max replicanti galaxies is massively reduced.

Further reduction dimension cost multiplier increase, Currently: ()x 3-0.2n
7 10500,000+300,000n antimatter 1151e20001e530First Time Dimension produces Eighth Infinity Dimension,

and First Infinity Dimension produces Seventh Dimensions. Tickspeed affects all dimensions normally.

First Time dimension produces Eighth Infinity Dimensions, Currently: () per second. (time shard production/s)0.21n-1
8 104,000+1,000n Infinity Point 1151e13001e900You can only upgrade Infinity Dimensions 50 times, and Replicanti upgrades 40 times. Infinity power powers up replicanti galaxies, Currently: ()% 100((log10(log10(infinity power+1)+1))0.05n-1)
9 1017500+2000n infinity power 4151e1750 1e250You can't buy tickspeed upgrades.

Infinity power instead multiplies time dimensions with greatly reduced effect.

Infinity Dimension multiplier based on time shards, Currently: ()x Challenge: log2(infinity power)4

Reward: min(1e5000,(time shards)0.15n)

10 10100+20n Eternity Point 5501e3000 1e300 Time Dimensions and Infinity Dimensions are disabled.

You gain an immense boost from infinitied stat to normal dimensions (infinitied^1000) Currently: ()x

Time dimensions gain a multiplier from infinitied stat, Currently: ()x Study 31 affects this challenge.
11 Use only the Normal Dimension path 11e5001e200All dimension multipliers are disabled except for the multipliers

from Infinity power and dimension boosts (to normal dimensions)

Further reduction tickspeed cost multiplier increase, Currently: ()x 2-0.07n
12 Use only the Time Dimension path 11e110,0001e12000The game runs 1000x slower.

You must complete the challenge in 1-0.2n seconds. (Minimum is 0.1 seconds)

Infinity Dimension cost multipliers are reduced. (x^()) 1-0.012n
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